Where to Hang Art in a Bathroom

5 Tips for Hanging Art in Your Bathroom

The bathroom, often considered a purely functional space, is a great place for artistic expression.

The proper placement of art can elevate this often-overlooked space into a haven of style and comfort. This post provides five essential tips for hanging art in a bathroom.

Where to Hang Art in a Bathroom


1. Consider the Optimal Height for Hanging Art

The height at which art is hung in a bathroom can impact its visual appeal and the functionality of the space.

A good rule of thumb is to hang artwork at eye level, which generally means the centre of the piece should be about 57 to 60 inches from the floor. This creates a harmonious look consistent with the rest of your home.

However, if you’re hanging art above a bathtub or the toilet, you may wish to lower the art so it doesn’t feel disconnected from the space.

Step back and take a look.

If it feels awkward, bring the artwork a bit lower. 

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2. Choose the Best Spots to Avoid Water Damage

Consider the bathroom's layout and water sources to protect art from water damage.

Avoid hanging art within splashing distance of a sink. Instead, look for drier areas, such as over the toilet, beside the mirror, or on a wall opposite the shower or bathtub. These spots offer visibility while minimizing exposure to moisture.

3. Balance Art with Other Decorative Elements

A bathroom can be a small space with many elements, so balance is key.

If you have bold wallpaper or decorative tiles, you might consider opting for simple art pieces in bold black frames. Conversely, a vibrant piece of art can add interest and character if your bathroom walls are plain.

Remember to maintain a cohesive colour scheme and theme for a unified look. 

4. Put Art on Walls that Get Natural Light

Walls that receive natural light or are directly visible upon entering the bathroom are prime spots for art.

Consider creating a focal point with a gallery wall if you have a larger bathroom. A single statement piece can be impactful in smaller bathrooms without overwhelming the space.

HUMMINGBIRD PORTRAITS - Wall Art & Prints By June Hunter 

5. Consider High Humidity in Windowless Bathrooms

Choose art made from materials that resist moisture in high humidity windowless bathrooms.

Acrylic and metal are both substances that hold up well in high humidity. Also, ensure proper ventilation to reduce humidity levels.

Wall art can be a source of colour and visual interest for windowless bathrooms. Hang it in a spot illuminated by artificial light to enhance its visibility and appeal.


HUMMINGBIRD PORTRAITS - Wall Art & Prints by June Hunter 

Ensuring Safety

When hanging art in a bathroom, use sturdy hooks and consider moisture-resistant hangers or adhesives.

Secure artworks with earthquake-proof hooks in earthquake-prone areas to prevent them from falling. 


Final Thoughts

Art in a bathroom is not just about decoration; it’s about creating a personal and inviting space.

By considering the placement, balance, and safety of art in your bathroom, you can transform this everyday space into a space that reflects your unique style!

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