What Kind of Art Can You Hang in a Bathroom?

Beautiful Bathroom Art Ideas

Transforming a bathroom from a humdrum space into a haven of beauty and tranquillity can be achieved with a splash of paint and some thoughtfully chosen art.

This post will explore creative and practical ways to elevate your bathroom with art. We’ll be addressing challenges like size limitations, humidity, and budget.

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HUMMINGBIRD PORTRAITS - Wall Art & Prints By June Hunter

Choose Art for High-Humidity Environments

Selecting art that can withstand bathroom humidity is important.

That said, as long as you have a fan, most regular (i.e. not ultra-valuable) art can be hung in a bathroom without worry.

I’ve had a set of framed prints in my bathroom for over ten years, and they’re still in excellent shape. 

However, if you’re worried about the humidity damaging your art, you can consider acrylic paintings (as opposed to oil paintings), glass artwork, metal wall art, waterproofed canvases, vinyl decals, ceramic tiles, and inexpensive prints. 


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Types of Art Suitable for a Bathroom:

  • framed prints
  • acrylic paintings
  • glass artwork
  • metal wall art
  • waterproofed canvases
  • vinyl decals
  • ceramic tiles
  • baskets made from tropical materials



Protecting Art from Moisture

Protection against moisture and steam is important if you hang a print in the bathroom.

However, if the print you’ve purchased is relatively budget-friendly, don’t worry. Just use a standard frame. The print will still last for many years as long as it has been printed on high-quality paper. 

However, if you want to take your art preservation to the next level, you can use water-resistant frames for added protection. But most importantly, ensure that you have good bathroom ventilation to reduce humidity levels.

For delicate artwork, consider placing the pieces away from moisture sources or just leave them out of the bathroom altogether. 

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HUMMINGBIRD PORTRAITS - Wall Art & Prints By June Hunter


Incorporating Art in a Small Bathroom

Maximizing a small bathroom’s aesthetic appeal without overcrowding involves strategic choices.

Opt for compact art pieces that can be hung on walls or placed on shelves. Wall decals or mosaic tile art are excellent choices, as they don’t protrude from the wall, which can be important in a small space.

A statement piece on the main wall can be a focal point without cluttering the room. 

You can even create a tiny gallery wall with small 5x5 prints in decorative frames. Thrift some small frames in different styles and paint them the same colour. Then, create a mini gallery wall based on a theme that suits the space! 


Creative Display Ideas

In bathrooms, the conventional rules of art display don’t always apply.

Think outside the box and let yourself be creative. To add depth and interest, you can use glass or wooden floating shelves with art pieces or small sculptures.

Integrated lighting around art pieces can elevate their impact, creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. You can also use printed wallpaper to turn the entire bathroom into a work of art!


bathroom art wallArt Market Place -  Etsy, Saatchi Art, June Hunter and Artfinder 

Budget-Friendly Art Options

Bathroom art doesn’t have to be expensive.

High-quality prints are an excellent choice for the bathroom as they will last many years and typically cost less than $100.

Consider framing high-quality prints or photographs for a personalized touch.

DIY art projects, digital prints, and even your photography can be cost-effective yet stylish. Local craft markets or thrift stores may offer unique pieces at affordable prices. Whatever you do, let yourself have fun.

The bathroom is one of the rooms in your home where you can let loose and do something wild and creative! 


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