Gifts for Crow Lovers


From fine art crow portrait prints and wall art featuring crow landscapes to pendants and home decór, find the perfect gift for yourself or the corvid lovers in your lifeJune's designs combine the imagery of urban crows with botanicals and textures that add drama and personality to your walls.

Glass Crow Pendants

June's fine art images are displayed in miniature in this collection of timeless pendants.

City Crow Calendar

This limited edition crow calendar sells out every year. Get it while it's still available!

Gift a Fine Art Crow Print 

Crow Characters

A Collection of Fine Art Crow Prints by June Hunter

Give your walls some personality with fine art photographer June Hunter's unique crow art. 

The Crow Character's portrait collection is a series of quirky characters from June's neighbourhood. June's fine art prints are printed to order on archival-quality paper and signed by the artist. The colour and detail of the prints are exceptional. 

All prints are packaged with absolute care, so they arrive at your home in pristine condition–no wrinkled prints allowed!

Bird Designs & Accessories

June's graphic prints and fine art imagery add style and elegance to accessories and home decor items.  

Crow Art Notebooks

These crow notebooks are the perfect gift. Though once in hand, you'll probably want to keep it for yourself!

Crow Art Framing Inspiration

June's crow art prints based on her award-winning photography will add drama and beauty to any room. You can use flashy gold or rustic wood, and anything in between to frame your prints. Create a gallery wall or select one big print to create a high-impact crow moment! 
I've been buying June Hunter's Crow Calendar for a few years. I love the beautiful pictures, the paper and the print are of quality, and the beautiful crows keep me company all year long! I'll keep buying this product!



Love this picture! Bought it for my husband for our wedding anniversary.



Stunning photo, I can’t wait to have it framed and hung.



Three delightful CROW pictures. A small mail snag was easily solved by the seller and these three crows are framed and on the wall - being admired. The only problem I faced was which pictures to pick from really excellent choices.



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Common Crow Art Questions for Corvid Lovers

What does a crow mean in Art?

Crow Messages

A crow can have various meanings in art depending on the artist's background and the context of the piece. June's artwork brings to life the personalities of crows and reminds us that we're a part of nature too. While some of her crow art cultivates a moody, magical feeling other pieces are more quirky and humorous. June's crow art takes the tradition of fine art portraiture and combines it with the urban nature stories in her neighbourhood. 

What do crows symbolize?

Crow Symbolism

Crows often sybolize magic and mysticism in art. They can be symbols of transformation and rebirth or intelligence and trickery. There's no doubt that crows are highly intelligent and resourceful characters. In June's artwork, the crow is not a symbol. Instead, the crow is the hero of his or her own story, often one of resilience, humour, joy, and intelligence. Her artwork features the daily lives of crows from the frazzled to regal, and everything in between.  

Can crows make art?

Crow as Artist?

While crows are undeniably resourceful and resilient, they have yet to show off their skills in the realm of artwork. Perhaps one day there will be crows painting the ceilings of crow chapels, but, for now, they appear content finding a life partner, raising a family, and enjoying various crow adventures. That said, the New Calendonian crow has been found to create and use stick tools which they use to extract food from logs and tree branches. So perhaps it's not so farfetched to go from toolmaking to art creating! 

Crow or Raven: How Do I Tell?

Crow...or Raven?

This is one of the questions I am asked the most often and I’ve written a longish blog post about it, but here are some quick tips for telling the corvid cousins apart. 

1) Crows are considerably smaller than ravens. 
2) In a city environment, crows are much more common than ravens.
3) Ravens have bigger and more curved beaks than crows.
4) Ravens have rather long and expressive hackles (throat feathers that look like a fine cravat). While crows have smoother feathers at the throat.
4) If you see a black bird flying over you, check out the tail shape. If the tail comes to a point, it’s a raven. If it’s more of a blunt fan-shape, then crow. 
5) Sound-wise, crows make a classic cawing sound while there is more reverb to a raven’s hollow croaking call.

 For more information and more crow and raven calls,visit my blog post on Telling Crows and Ravens Apart.