Hummingbird Gifts


June created her hummingbird collection using a digital collage technique that gives the art depth and texture. The images contain layers of June's photography—textures of sky, botanicals, ancient walls, vintage curtain fabric, and fanciful "trademarks" based on old china. 

These timeless images evoke the magic and beauty of the tiny, fierce hummingbird and make the perfect gift for a hummingbird lover.

Glass Pendants

June's fine art images are displayed in miniature in this collection of timeless bird art pendants.

Fine Art Jewelry

Get these tiny resin pieces before they're gone. Hummingbird jewelry is the perfect gift.
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How to Frame Your New Hummingbird Prints 

There's more than one way to frame your hummingbird fine art print. Try a rustic wood or clean white frame for a casual look. Or add some drama with an ornate gold frame! Use single or double mats to add emphasis and draw the eye in. Or keep it simple and forgoe the mat. All of June's art is printed on heavy museum quality paper with archival inks and will look beautiful for years!
Stunning photo, I can’t wait to have it framed and hung.



These birds are wonderful. I have three of them and they make me so happy--everyone loves them!



I've been buying June Hunter's Crow Calendar for a few years. I love the beautiful pictures, the paper and the print are of quality, and the beautiful crows keep me company all year long! I'll keep buying this product!



Love this picture! Bought it for my husband for our wedding anniversary.



Three delightful CROW pictures. A small mail snag was easily solved by the seller and these three crows are framed and on the wall - being admired. The only problem I faced was which pictures to pick from really excellent choices.



Great addition to my gallery wall.



Hummingbird Questions!

What do hummingbirds symbolize in art?

Hummingbird Meanings

Hummingbirds tend to be symbols of beauty and grace in art. In some cultures the hummingbird is considered to be a messenger between the living and dead. The poet Emily Dickinson wrote of Hummingbirds: 
"A route of evanescence 
With a revolving wheel; 
A resonance of emerald,
A rush of cochineal;"
June's artwork captures the vibrant beauty of the hummingbirds that visit her garden. 

What does it mean when a hummingbird visits you?

Hummingbird Visits

Often when a hummingbird visits you it just means that they're hungry! It could be that your forgetful neighbour has forsaken their hummingbird feeder and they're looking for a nearby nectar repository. Or, if you're feeling mystical, you might think a hummingbird visit is a message from the underworld. Esoteric interpretations aside, it's usually a positive sign when you get a visit from one of these iridescent creatures. 

What are 5 interesting facts about hummingbirds?

Fun Hummingbird Facts!

1) Did you know that hummingbirds can fly backwards? In fact, they're the only birds that can perform such airborne feats. 

 2) Some species of hummingbirds beat their wings 80 time per second. 

 3) Hummingbirds have outstanding memories. They can remember every flower they've visited, and how long it will take for the flower to be full of nectar again. This is also why they get a bit peevish when you don't remember to re-fill your hummingbird feeder. 

 4) The reason a hummingbird's feathers appear so vibrant is due to the melanin granules in their feathers. When light hits these tidy rows of melanin granules, some colours are absorbed while others are reflected back to the observer. 

5) Hummingbirds rotate their wings in a figure eight pattern which allows them to hover.