This video, made by the talented Colette Nichol of Story Envelope, shows me at work in my studio and talking about my art.


Born in the north of England, I grew up in an extremely urban environment of rusting docklands and fragments of Roman Wall. After studying Anglo-Saxon poetry at Bangor University in North Wales I moved to a remote part of central BC. There, I hand-built a cabin and worked as a tree planter for several years. By the 1980's I’d found a happy medium between extremes of urban and wilderness, living in Vancouver with my family, studying art and working in graphic design.

For the past decade and a half I’ve been a full-time artist. Most of my bird photographs are taken in the few blocks around my urban home, with occasional trips to the nearby mountains.

I’m a great believer in seeing the beauty wherever I find myself and in celebrating the epic within the ordinary.

I record some of my insights into urban nature on my popular blog:

Most of my photography and artwork celebrates the often under-rated personalities of my subjects — crows, ravens and the occasional smaller bird.

My work has been exhibited at shows here in Canada and the United Kingdom, and some of my work is for sale at various Vancouver shops and galleries here in BC, or worldwide from my online shop here and my Etsy store.) 

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Fine Art Photography Prints

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