How To Arrange Wall Art in the Bedroom

A Step-by-Step Guide to Enhancing Your Personal Sanctuary

Transforming your bedroom into a personalized art gallery can add a unique character to your private space. The key to a harmonious bedroom wall art layout lies in understanding placement, balance, and design. So, let's dive into the essentials of arranging wall art in your bedroom! 

And, of course, keep in mind that "rules" were meant to be broken. As long as your space feels comfortable and inviting, then you're on the right track.


how to arrange wall art in the bedroom


1. Identify the Prime Locations for Wall Art in Your Bedroom

These are four different places to consider hanging wall art in the bedroom. 

Above the Bed: This is the most common and impactful location. Artwork here serves as a focal point. It can compliment on contrast your bed. 

Walls Adjacent to the Bed: This is ideal for smaller or narrow pieces. It helps create a feeling of flow in your space.

Opposite the Bed: This is great for a piece that you want to wake up to every morning. This spot is perfect for something inspiring or calming. Choose something that you'd love to glance up at while reading in bed. 

Above Your Dresser Drawers: This spot is perfect for a mini (are massive) gallery wall. It's also a place where you can play with different sizes and shapes. 


2. Choose the Best Layout for the Wall Art

There's no right or wrong way to do this because everyone's room is different. So just make sure your layout works for the size of your space.

Symmetrical Arrangement: Symmetry provides a sense of order and calmness. It’s ideal for more traditional or minimalist decor style. 

Asymmetrical Arrangement: Asymmetry lends a more dynamic and modern feel. It’s perfect for eclectic and bohemian styles.

Gallery Wall: A gallery wall is a mix of different sizes and types of art. It’s great for expressing personal style and for telling stories with your art.


3. Consider Planning Your Layout in Advance

Prep can often be the thing that saves us a ton of time during a design project - even with something as simple as hanging wall art! These three things are good to consider when planning your layout. 

Visualize Before Hanging: Use paper cut-outs or painter's tape to visualize the layout on the wall.  Or just close your eyes and think about it! 

Consider that Spacing is Key: Maintain consistent spacing between frames (typically 2-3 inches). This can make a gallery wall or vignette go from looking jumbled to looking artistic and cohesive. 

Vary the Scale: Mix large and small pieces to create interest.


How To Arrange Wall Art in the BedroomHUMMINGBIRD PORTRAITS - Wall Art & Prints

4. Balance Wall Art

Balance is a major part of design. Try to match the scale of our art with the scale and feeling of your space. 

Size and Scale: Balance larger pieces with smaller ones. Avoid overcrowding with too many large pieces.

Color and Theme: Cohesive colour schemes or themes can tie different pieces together. A single colour scheme or monochrome gallery wall can create impact while still feeling calming. 

Mix and Match: Combine different frame styles and artwork types for a layered look. If you do this make sure that your wall art has a theme so it doesn't feel too all over the place. Always think of a way to create one unifying element. 


5. Centering Art Over the Bed vs. on the Wall

Over the Bed: Centering art over the bed creates a more intimate and focused display. It can take the eye from the art to the furniture piece, creating visual flow. 

Entire Wall: Centering wall art in the center of the wall, regardless of the furniture, offers a more spacious and potentially balanced look.

But you really need to make your decision based on your room. Go with what feels right!


Final Thoughts 

Arranging wall art in your bedroom is not just about hanging pictures.

It's about creating an environment that reflects your personality and taste. Really, it’s all about creating a feeling in your space that you enjoy!

Experiment with different layouts and styles until you find an arrangement that resonates. And remember, that any arrangement can be changed. So don’t worry. You can always fill up those holes in the wall if you want to change the layout. 

Finally, remember, there are no strict rules in art. Feel free to let your creativity guide you!


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