How To Make a Gallery Wall of Art

6 Tips on How To Make a Gallery Wall of Art

A gallery wall is a curated display of photographs, artwork, and sometimes other objects hung in a well-thought-out arrangement. It's a way of showcasing your aesthetic taste and creating a focal point in any room. 

To create a cohesive gallery wall that speaks to both your personal style and interior design principles, just follow these simple guidelines.

And of course, let your imagination and creativity run wild!


How To Make a Gallery Wall of Art

Here are six tips to guide you as you create your gallery wall:

 1. Curate with Cohesion

Select art that speaks to you, but keep in mind that each piece should complement the others. This could mean thematically, through color schemes, or with frame styles. A cohesive look can also be achieved by a consistent subject matter, such as nature scenes, portraits, or abstract art.


 2. Consider Layout and Balance

Before hammering nails into the wall, lay out your arrangement on the floor. Begin with the largest piece as your anchor and work outwards. You may wish to aim for balance rather than symmetry, and mix different sizes for visual interest.

Use paper cutouts in the sizes of your art to experiment with arrangements on the wall before making any commitments.


How To Make a Gallery Wall of Art

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 3. Hang at Eye Level

The general rule of thumb for a gallery wall is to hang your central piece at eye level—approximately 57 inches from the floor, which is the average human eye height. This acts as your gallery wall's center of gravity. 

However, if you're in the living room, then you might choose to lower your artwork since eye level is lower when sitting down on a sofa. 


 4. Avoid Clutter (Unless That's Your Style)

Try not to clutter the wall. While a gallery wall is a collection, it should not be a jumble—unless jumble is your jam, in which case, jumble away!

But in general, there should be enough space between pieces to individually appreciate them. 

Overcrowding can overwhelm the viewer (aka. you) and detract from each piece's beauty.


How To Make a Gallery Wall of Art

 5. Watch Out for Common Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes is not considering the wall as a whole. The gallery should work with the furniture and other decor elements in the room. Another error is using hanging materials that may not be suitable for the wall or the weight of the framed piece. So keep in mind the wall as a whole and how your framing materials will enhance the work of art.

For framing tips, read this post here >

 6. Consider Spacing and Quantity

As for spacing, for a clean look keep the distance between each piece consistent, generally 2-5 inches apart, to maintain uniformity. The number of pictures you use will depend on the size of your wall and art pieces, but it's essential not to overcrowd the space.

An odd number of items often works well for smaller gallery walls, creating a pleasing asymmetry. However, if you’re going for a more Cottagecore or jumbled Victorian look, then please throw all spacing rules out the window. It’s your home after all.


How To Make a Gallery Wall of Art

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Final Thoughts

Gallery walls continue to be popular because they give space a personalized touch and add visual interest to any room. They are evolving with other trends, such as mixing in objects, plants, sconces, and mirrors for a three-dimensional look. 

Creating a gallery wall is an exercise in creativity, patience, and planning. 

By following these tips, you can build a gallery wall that not only enhances your home but also tells a unique story of your artistic preferences. Remember, the beauty of a gallery wall lies in its ability to be rearranged and updated over time, growing with your collection and taste.

You might feel less stress while making your gallery wall if you consider it an evolving piece of art that can be updated whenever you choose.


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