Framing Tips


Here are several inexpensive and stylish ways to frame your June Hunter square prints.

IKEA offers a couple of square frames in the very simple RIBBA line. Available in black, white, wood and metal, they offer a great way to frame my 5 and 12-inch prints.

For the 12-inch prints you can use the 19.75 x 19.75-in (50cm x 50cm) RIBBA frame

For the 5-inch prints, use the 9-in (23cm x 23cm) RIBBA frames

The links above lead to the IKEA Canada web site. If you're elsewhere, just head to your country's IKEA web site and search for RIBBA frames.


Craig Frames offer some inexpensive pre-matted frames that also work for most of my print sizes, AND they offer free shipping to most US states.

For the 12x12-inch prints, you can use this frame. (16x16-inch framed size)

For the 10x10-inch prints, you can use this frame. (14x14-inch framed size)

For the 8x8-inch prints, you can use this frame. (12x12-inch framed size)

For the 5x5-inch prints, you can use this frame. (9x9-inch framed size)

If you're framing sets of four prints, you can also find a great deal on sets of four frames.

The 12-inch raven print to the right in the picture below is framed in a grey RIBBA 19.75-in (50cm) frame.

If IKEA or Craig Frames aren't options for you, there are often other square frames to be found in shops like your local framing supply stores or Michaels.

Another simple idea is to take a standard rectangular frame, such as this 11x14 one. and have a matte cut for it with a square window in it. It looks best if the window is just a little higher than the middle of the frame, as seen below.


This is more expensive, but opens another whole world of options. Professional framers are artists in their own right and can have some wonderful suggestions for bringing out the beauty in your prints.

This set of four small "Vancouver Icon" images was custom-framed to create this neat "curated" look. The plain black frame and crisp white matte allow the colours to pop without competing.

This stellar's jay print below is given a rather opulent and vintage feel by using a custom-made ornate frame.


One of my favourite occupations is scouring antique and thrift shops for vintage frames. They come in all colours, but I usually paint them white for the sake of consistency and then pop in some some of my crow characters for a fun display.

If you have a very special frame you'd love to use, send me the dimensions and I can custom print an image to work for you. Or, if you have any other framing questions, just ask.

I also love to see how you've framed your June Hunter prints! 


If you would like to just have the image ready to hang straight on the wall, there are some other options.


My marble tiles can be used as coasters, but they also look wonderful hanging on a wall. They come with metal hangers already installed.


Any of my images can be transferred onto ready-to-hang wooden panels in 5x5 or 10x10-inch sizes. The request a custom order of a wooden panel, just contact me and let me know which image(s) you'd like.

5x5-in panel: $49 each

10x10-in panel: $110 each