30 Gifts for Nature Lovers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a nature lover in your life?

Look no further! Our curated list of gift ideas are sure to delight outdoor lovers and fuel their passion for the natural world. Whether your loved one enjoys hiking, camping, wildlife photography, or simply spending time in nature, one of these unique outdoor gifts will be a perfect fit.


1) Outdoor Adventure Guide

Choose an outdoor adventure guide or local hiking guide that suits your loved one's sense of adventure. They can discover a wealth of information, tips, and recommendations that will inspire their next outdoor adventures. This guide is an ideal companion for any nature lover that needs inspiration. 
best gifts for nature lovers


2) Nature-Inspired Wall Art Prints Featuring Birds and Botanicals

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with stunning bird and botanical wall art prints. These beautiful prints by June Hunter allow nature lovers to surround themselves with the outdoors scenes they enjoy and will transform any space into a sanctuary.

nature inspired wall art



3) An Urban Nature Guide

As we can't be out in the wilderness all the time, a guide to the beauty of urban nature right around us is a wonderful gift for the city-dwelling nature lover.
Ideas for this include some of my favourite books: 

  1. Field Notes From A Hidden City by Esther Woolfson
  2. Crow City: Essential Wisdom From The Urban Wilderness by Lyanda Lynn Haupt
  3. Nature Obscura by Kelly Brenner




3) Camping Gear Set

One of the best outdoor gifts for nature lovers is high-end camping gear. This might include include a spacious premium tent, a cozy sleeping bag, or a convenient camping stove. For the outdoor lover that likes to stay comfy while hanging in the outback, top-quality camping furniture is a thoughtful gift.

It's the little things that make a campsite more efficient and comfortable, so think about what small upgrade might make your loved one's next camping trip even better!

camping gear set is a good gift for nature lovers


4) Bird-Watching Binoculars

Take bird-watching to new heights with a pair of high-quality binoculars. Nature lovers will be able to observe their feathered favourites in incredible detail, seeing every vibrant fluff of plumage and delicate movement. These binoculars enhance the bird-watching experience, allowing nature enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the avian world.

Bird-Watching Binoculars are a great gift for nature lovers


5) Hiking Boots

For avid hikers, in the wilderness or urban nature adventures, a good pair of sturdy and comfortable hiking boots may be an essential companion. A new pair of boots provide the necessary support and protection for traversing all kinds of terrains. Are your loved one's hiking boots looking a little worse for the wear? If their feet are comfortable, they'll be happy out in nature for longer!

Hiking Boots is a great gift for an outdoor lover


6) Viewing Loupes

Sometimes nature's beauty is to be found, not in a breath-taking mountain vista, but in the tiny intricacies of a leaf or bug right at our feet. A lovely gift idea for a detail-oriented nature lover is a good viewing loupe.
On the more expensive side, there are Bausch & Lomb's Coddington Magnifier, 10X or their illuminated Triplet Magnifier, 20X.

A more inexpensive option for junior naturalist is the Huckleberry Dual Magnifier.


7) Air Plants

Add a touch of greenery and tranquility to any space with low-maintenance air plants.

These unique plants are perfect gifts for nature lovers and enthusiasts who want to bring a piece of the outdoors inside without worrying about killing a plant. With minimal care required, air plants thrive in various environments, making them a hassle-free addition to homes, offices, or any space in need of a refreshing natural touch. Make sure you get them a spray bottle too so that misting their air plant is easy! And pick up an air plant holder and fertilizer from Etsy to complete the gift.

Air plants make an awesome gift idea for those who love nature


8) Nature Inspired Jewelry

Nature-inspired jewelry makes the perfect gift for a nature lover, as it allows them to wear a piece of the natural world with them wherever they go.

June Hunter's eye-catching glass pendants are made by combining watercolour prints of my her own images and a glass dome. The domed prints are housed in a brass bezel and come suspended on a 24-inch matching brass chain. You'll find glass pendants with hummingbirds, ravens, crows, and botanicals.

Nature Inspired Jewelry are excellent gift ideas for nature lovers

These oh-so-tiny fern earrings are light and comfortable to wear yet they also pack a big visual punch thanks to the way the silver behind the images catches the light when the wearer moves! Perfect for special occasions and everyday wear. 

Nature Lovers will love these fern earrings

A necklace adorned with a feather charm signifies freedom, spirituality, and the beauty of birds in flight. This delicate and meaningful piece of jewelry evokes a sense of connection to nature and the ethereal qualities found in the avian world. A perfect gift for those who find solace and inspiration in the graceful flight and intricate patterns of feathers.

A feather charm necklace is a perfect nature lover gift idea

9) Nature Poetry

Few things start a day as well as reading one or two spirit-lifting poems by American nature writer, Mary Oliver. Any of her books would be a perfect gift for the nature lover, but Why I Wake Early is a good place to start.


10) Camping Hammock

Gift the ultimate relaxation in nature with a portable and lightweight camping hammock. Whether suspended between two trees or swaying gently on a beach, these hammocks offer a serene and peaceful retreat amidst the beauty of the outdoors. Perfect for moments of tranquility, reading a book, or simply enjoying the fresh air, this gift will provide endless moments of relaxation and connection with nature.

Camping Hammock is a great gift idea for people who likes to go car camping and love chilling


11) Crow Wall Calendar

Brighten up your loved-one's space and inspire a sense of wonder throughout the year with a crow-themed wall calendar. Part calendar, part gallery of crow portraits and part month-by-month guide to what crows are up to, this makes a perfect year-round companion for any crow lover. It may even turn a non-crow-lover into a convert! 

crow calendar


12) Waterproof Backpack

Keep belongings dry and secure during outdoor excursions with a durable and waterproof backpack. Designed to withstand the rigours of the wilderness, these backpacks offer ample storage space for essentials while providing reliable protection against the elements.

Waterproof Backpack is perfect for people who love camping or backpacking trip.


13) Adventure Colouring Book

An adventure-themed coloring bookcan be the perfect gift for someone who likes to escape the stress of daily modern life through colouring or doodling. Featuring intricate nature scenes waiting to be brought to life, this colouring book offers a therapeutic and imaginative escape into the world of outdoor exploration.

The Adventure Colouring Book, with its fun colors, is an excellent gift for nature lovers.


14) Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Promote sustainability and hydration on the go with a reusable stainless steel water bottle that's engraved with your loved one's initials or a custom quote. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts always on the move, these durable water bottles keep drinks refreshingly cold or hot for extended periods.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle is a perfect gift for nature lovers who love outdoor activities.


15) Vintage-Style Crow Pendant 

A vintage-style crow pendant is the perfect gift for a nature lover who admires the intelligence and wit of urban crows. Printed on archival watercolor paper, the image is contained under glass in a vintage-style pendant.

crow pendant for nature lovers

16) Portable Power Bank

Ensure that nature lovers never run out of power for their electronic devices while exploring the great outdoors. With a compact and reliable portable power bank, one can recharge one's smartphones, cameras, and other devices. This gadget provides peace of mind and is a great gift since most people don't have a portable power bank. It's practical and thoughtful!

Portable Power Bank for car campers


17) Outdoor First Aid Kit

Help your loved one stay safe during outdoor adventures with a comprehensive first aid kit. Packed with essential supplies for unexpected situations, this kit ensures that outdoor lovers are prepared for minor injuries, insect bites, and other common outdoor mishaps.

Outdoor First Aid Kit for nature lovers who likes rock climbing.


18) Nature-Inspired Home Décor

Enhance your loved-one's living space with nature-inspired home decor items. Botanical prints, nature-themed throw pillows, or wooden sculptures bring the beauty of the natural world into their home. These decor pieces create a serene and inviting atmosphere, reminding them of the tranquility and majesty of nature in every corner of their living space.

Nature-Inspired Home Décor a perfect gift ideas for nature lovers to bring nature inside their homes.


19) Nature Documentaries

Delve into the wonders of nature with captivating documentaries that showcase the beauty, diversity, and fascinating stories of wildlife and natural landscapes. From the depths of the ocean to the highest mountaintops, these documentaries offer an immersive experience, providing insights into the delicate ecosystems and extraordinary creatures that inhabit our planet.

Nature Documentaries is one of the best gifts you can give to nature lovers.


20) Know Your City Trees

Nothing makes you feel more like a true urban naturalist than being able to identify all of the species of street trees in your own neighbourhood. Vancouver Tree Book: A Living City Field Guide by David Tracey fits into a pocket for a great take-along reference and makes a perfect small gift.



21) Adventures In Nature With Children

For the new parent (or grandparent) looking for ideas on how to help children find the wonder and adventure out in nature (and away from the iPad) Forest School For Children is an inspiring gift.


22) Old-School Wicker Picnic Basket

Encourage your loved one to savour the beauty of nature with a beautiful wicker picnic basket. If you're feeling really thoughtful, fill the basket with organic and locally sourced snacks, along with eco-friendly utensils and plates. This gift provides the perfect excuse to venture outdoors and indulge in delightful picnics amidst scenic landscapes.

Old-School Wicker Picnic Basket is a great gift for nature lovers


23) A Beautiful Nature-Inspired Notebook

Gift them a journal or a notebook where they can organize their camping adventures, jot down memorable moments, and plan future trips.

A Beautiful Nature-Inspired Notebook one of the best gifts for nature lovers.

24) Outdoor Photography Course

Nurture your loved one's passion for nature photography with an online course or subscription to an online learning site. They'll gain valuable insights, techniques, and inspiration for capturing stunning landscapes and wildlife.

Outdoor Photography Course one of the best gifts for nature lovers.


25) A Nature Magazine Subscription

For the outdoor adventure enthusiast, a subscription to Sidetracked Magazine  would be a continuous source of inspiration and information with exciting stories, tips, and destination recommendations, allowing them to discover new outdoor activities, learn from experts, and stay up to date with the latest trends in the world of outdoor gear and exploration.

For the literary nature lover, Orion Magazine features some of the best in contemporary nature writing and art.


26) Wildlife Field Guide

Encourage their love for nature and wildlife with a comprehensive field guide. Choose a field guide that fits with where they live or are planning on travelling. This will be an invaluable resource allowing them to identify and learn about the different species they encounter during their outdoor adventures.

Wildlife Field Guide is one of the other gift ideas for nature lovers.

27) Nature-Inspired Fragrances

Transport them to the great outdoors with nature-inspired fragrances or candles. Capturing the scents of forests, meadows, and ocean breezes, these fragrances evoke a sense of tranquility and connection with nature. Whether enjoyed as a personal fragrance or used to create a serene ambiance at home, these scents will transport them to their favourite natural landscapes, even when they're indoors.

28) Bird Song

Open up a whole new way of appreciating our feathered friends by learning to identify them from their distinctive songs. The Little Book of Backyard Bird Songs is a wonderful beginner's guide.

For the more advanced bird audiophile, Audible's Stokes Field Guides to Birdsongs: Western Region (other regions also available) would be a perfect gift.

29) Camping Lantern

Illuminate their camping experience with a portable lantern. Offering reliable light for nighttime activities, these lanterns create a cozy ambiance in the wilderness. Whether reading by the campfire or playing games with friends, this great gift will ensures that they can enjoy their evenings outdoors, basking in the warm glow and the magic of the night.

Camping Lantern is a great gift idea for for nature lovers to bring on their camping trips.

30) Nature-Inspired Organizer

Stay organized in harmony with nature with a nature-inspired organizer pouch. This unique and aesthetically pleasing organizer combines functionality with elements of the natural world, such as botanical designs, earthy colours, or eco-friendly materials. Stay organized in style and embrace the calming influence of nature with this practical and visually appealing organizer.

Nature-Inspired Organizer perfect for people who love nature.



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Bonus gift idea: a crow-inspired silk scarf! Beautiful and thoughtful.



This article was co-written by Colette Nichol and crow and raven photographer June June Hunter.  Our aim with these short articles is to bring interesting crow, raven and hummingbird facts to more online readers while also highlighting June Hunter's bird photography and designs. To read June Hunter's popular blog the Urban Nature Enthusiast, where she shares stories about crows and ravens, please click HERE.

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