43 Unexpected Gifts for Bird Lovers and Bird Watchers

How to Find the Best Gifts for Bird Lovers and Bird Watchers

Best Gifts for Bird Lovers

When buying a gift for a bird lover, think about which kinds of birds they are most obsessed with and whether they tend to enjoy backyard birds or prefer to go bird watching in far-off places.

There are tons of gift options for bird lovers. So think about what kind of avian enthusiast you’re buying for and their favourite species or hobbies. And use this guide as inspiration!

Or if you just want an easy yet thoughtful gift for a bird lover, we recommend getting a beautiful piece of bird art, a notebook or other paper goods with bird imagery, or an accessory featuring bird imagery. 


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What are the Best Bird-Watching Gifts for Avian Aficionados?

What are the best gifts for bird lovers? If someone in your life is into bird watching, then there are plenty of gifts that might help them enjoy their hobby even more. No matter what your budget is, you’ll find creative gift ideas in this list.

The best gifts for bird watchers include bird-watching trips, beautiful or inspiring bird art and framed prints, bird-watching accessories, a clever bird feeder, photography accessories, and outdoor gear to make their next bird-watching outing more comfortable.

For more ideas, keep reading!


43 Best Gifts for Bird Lovers:

1 - Bird Lover's Paradise: Create a Gallery Wall Featuring Beautiful Bird Art

Find a variety of stunning bird art prints and create a gallery wall for your friend or family member. This will be an excellent way for them to showcase their love for birds and add a touch of beauty to their home.

Or if you'd like to be a tad more low key, find one or two perfect bird prints and frame them with an economical frame like the ones you find at Ikea. Square prints can look wonderful in almost any setting and may be perfect for a bird lover's office, bedroom, or entry way.

 View More Bird Art Prints >


2 - Bird Houses with Solar Panel Powered Lights

Gift an attractive or highly practical birdhouse that your bird lover friend can put up in their backyard. Bird houses and feeders with solar lights are magical. They not only shelter the birds but give a cozy glow to your garden as dusk falls. You can find handmade feeders on Etsy.


3 - Bird Feeders that Attract Birds of Many Species

One can never go wrong with bird feeders as gifts to a serious bird lover who has an ample back garden or yard. With a variety of shapes and sizes, they attract an array of colourful birds, making the garden a chirpy, lively spot. Note: while bird feeders bring a lot of joy, they also come with an obligation to keep them very clean to avoid spreading any pesky diseases. 


4 - Beautiful Bird Bath for a Lively Bird Paradise

A stylish bird bath can jazz up any garden. Plus, it's lovely to watch our feathered friends have a splash and preen their feathers. In the summer putting out water for birds can be very important if you're in a dry climate or a place that has dry spells. As with bird feeders, it's important to keep those bird water sources nice and clean.


5 - Binoculars and Spotting Scopes for Serious Birders

A pair of top-notch binoculars or a spotting scope is essential for spotting those elusive birds from afar. It's a thoughtful gift for someone passionate about bird watching. While this gift idea is on the pricier end of the scale, it's a gift that will last a lifetime.



6 - Nutritious Bird Food to Keep the Hungry Birds Coming

Keep the garden busy with the hustle and bustle of birds by giving the gift of nutritious bird food. It's a treat for the birds and a spectacle for the watcher. Pairing this with a bird feeder makes a great gift.


7 - North American Bird Call Devices for a Melodious Backyard

Bird call devices are superb for luring in a variety of birds. You can fill the backyard with delightful melodies, making every morning feel like a walk in the woods.


8 - North American Bird Call Identifier

The North American bird call identifier is a brilliant device that helps identify different bird calls. It's a treasure for those eager to familiarize themselves with the various songs and calls of birds.


9 - Bird Call Whistle Set

Mimic the calls of various birds with a bird call whistle set. It’s an amusing and educational tool for both young and old bird enthusiasts.


10 - Beautiful Notebooks Featuring Crows and Ravens

For those who are fans of Corvids, notebooks featuring crows and ravens are a real treat. They’re ideal for jotting down thoughts or sketching.


11 - Attractive Hummingbird Feeder with Nectar

Gift a hummingbird feeder to bring the marvel of these tiny, majestic creatures to the garden. They're enchanting to watch and are sure to captivate any bird lover's heart. Just be aware that this gift is one that does require maintenance so it's not for the casual bird lover. 

Only get this gift for someone who either has a lot of hummingbirds in their area who will drink up all the nectar quickly or for someone who is committed to hummingbird feeder maintenance. The gift of two easy-clean feeders is extra thoughtful as it makes it possible to have one feeder out while the other one gets cleaned. 


12 - Special Native Plants That Attract Birds and Create Critical Habitat

Native plants not only make the garden beautiful but also attract local birds. This thoughtful gift helps to create a vital habitat for our feathered friends. You could take a trip to the nursery with your friend and help them plant a back garden with more native plants.


13 - Bird-Lover Fashion: T-shirts, Scarves, Coffee Mugs, and Bumper Stickers for Bird Enthusiasts

For the bird lover who has everything, stylish t-shirts, coffee mugs, or bumper stickers with bird themes are perfect. The tricky part is finding the right bird statement piece.

You might also consider a beautiful scarf featuring crow designs, like this one from June Hunter.


14 - Safe and Sound: Carrying Cases and Binocular Harnesses for Bird-Watching Gear

Protective carrying cases and binocular harnesses are a practical and considerate gift. They keep bird-watching gear safe, making for stress-free birding adventures.


15 - Popular Birding Magazines for the Avid Birder

A subscription to a birding magazine is a treasure trove of information. It's like gifting a monthly parcel of joy to the avid birder.


16 - Bird Tea Towels to Liven the Kitchen

Bring the charm of birds into the kitchen with delightful bird-themed tea towels. They’re not only practical but add a touch of nature to the daily routine.


17 - Top Bird Guide Books for Exotic Areas

Bird guides are invaluable for anyone passionate about birding. They are windows into the incredible diversity of birdlife, both locally and around the globe.


18 - Pocket Guide to Common Backyard Birds in Your Area

A pocket guide to common backyard birds is essential for quick identification. Compact and informative, it's an invaluable tool for any birdwatcher.


19 - Waterproof Notebooks for Recording Nature Notes

There's nothing like jotting down notes amidst nature. A waterproof notebook is perfect for capturing those moments without worrying about the rain.


20 - Subscription to Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a bird lover's paradise. A subscription provides access to a wealth of information and resources, perfect for enhancing one's bird-watching experience.


21 - Bird Seed Decor: Suet Feeder with Suet Cakes for Attracting More Feathered Friends

Suet feeders with suet cakes are an excellent addition to any garden. They attract a variety of birds and are especially favoured by the little songbirds during the winter.


22 - Support Conservation: Adopt a Bird or Donate to Habitat Preservation Initiatives

Adopting a bird or donating to a conservation initiative is a gift that keeps on giving. It's a heartwarming and meaningful way to contribute to the well-being of feathered creatures.


23 - Cameras and Accessories for Bird Photography Enthusiasts

For those keen on capturing the beauty of birds through a lens, a quality camera and accessories are essential. It's a fantastic gift for preserving memories of the avian world.


24 - A Bird-Watching Adventure or Vacation

Whisk a loved one away on a bird-watching adventure or holiday. It's a magnificent way to bond over shared interests while exploring the wonders of nature.


25 - Regal Crow or Raven Glass Pendant

For those who fancy a bit of style and mystique, a crow or raven glass pendant is a splendid choice. It adds an element of intrigue to any outfit.

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26 - Birdhouse with a Built-in Camera

Gift a birdhouse with a built-in camera to allow a close-up look into the nesting habits of birds. This nifty gadget is perfect for capturing endearing moments and learning about bird behaviour.


27 - Unique Crow Calendar

Keep track of the days in style with a bird-themed calendar. It’s a daily reminder of the beauty of nature and the joy that birds bring into our lives.


28 - A set of bird-themed coasters

Spruce up any coffee table with a set of charming bird-themed coasters. Not only are they practical, but they’re also bound to be a conversation starter among fellow bird lovers.


29 - Bird-watching day-pack with multiple pockets

A functional day-pack with multiple pockets is essential for any bird-watching expedition. This gift is sure to be appreciated for its utility in carrying all the bird-watching essentials.


30 - A New Tripod for the Bird-Lover's Spotting Scope

Stability is key in bird-watching and a sturdy tripod for a spotting scope is invaluable. This gift can greatly enhance the bird-watching experience by providing clearer and more stable views.


31 - Solar-powered Bird Fountain

A solar-powered bird fountain is an eco-friendly way to attract birds. It adds a lively element to the garden and is a source of endless entertainment.


32 - Nesting box for a specific bird species

A nesting box tailored for specific bird species can be a wonderful addition to any garden. It provides a safe haven for birds to raise their young and thrive. We've provided a link to a nesting box specifically for chickadees.


33 - Bird-themed Jigsaw Puzzles

For days when the weather is dreary, bird-themed jigsaw puzzles are a perfect indoor pastime. They’re enjoyable, and piecing together beautiful bird images is highly satisfying.


34 - Garden Statues of Birds from Local or International Artist

Garden statues of birds are a classic way to add character to any garden. They create a serene atmosphere and make for an eye-catching garden feature.


35 - Bird-themed Colouring Book for Relaxation

Colour away stress with a bird-themed colouring book. It’s a creative and relaxing way to unwind while bringing beautiful bird illustrations to life.


36 - Anti-shock Trekking Poles for Bird-watching Hikes

For the adventurous birdwatcher, a pair of anti-shock trekking poles is a fantastic gift. It ensures stability during hikes and makes for a more comfortable bird-watching experience.


37 - Monocular for Single-hand Bird Spotting

A monocular is a handy tool for birdwatching. Lightweight and portable, it's perfect for single-hand bird spotting and ideal for those on the go.


38 - Telephoto Lens for Smartphone Cameras

A telephotos lens for smartphone cameras is perfect for capturing stunning images of birds. It’s a must-have for those who enjoy sharing their bird-watching experiences on social media or who would like to take quick snaps without lugging a big camera around.


39 - Bird-themed wind chimes

Bird-themed wind chimes create a calming atmosphere with their gentle sound. They’re a perfect gift for anyone looking to add a touch of charm to their outdoor space.


40 - Night Vision Binoculars for Observing Nocturnal Birds

For the night owls, night vision binoculars are perfect for observing nocturnal birds. They open up a whole new world of birdwatching after the sun sets.


41 - Bird-themed bookmarks

For the avid reader, bird-themed bookmarks are a delightful gift. They add a touch of nature to the reading experience and are sure to be cherished.


42 - Bird-watching Hat with a Wide brim

Stay shielded from the sun with a stylish bird-watching hat with a wide brim. It’s both functional and fashionable, making for a fabulous addition to any birdwatcher’s wardrobe.


43 - Jaunty Bird Postcards

Bird-themed postcards are a charming way to send a note. For the collector or the correspondent, they represent a bygone era of grace and thoughtfulness.


Selecting the Perfect Gift for Your Favourite Bird Watcher and Supporting their Specific Hobby or Bird Obsession

When selecting the perfect gift for a bird lover think about whether they love wild birds, backyard birds, or exotic birds. Are they a serious birder who prefers adventures in far-off places or someone who loves urban nature and the exploits of their neighbourhood crows?

When thinking about gift ideas for bird lovers, consider what they love to do and how you could add some more bird magic to their lives.

While you might want to give a bird lover something practical, it can also be very thoughtful to give the gift of bird art, nature-inspired jewelry, or other designs and accessories featuring birds.


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