How To Choose Wall Art for a Master Bedroom

6 Tips For Displaying Wall Art in a Bedroom 

The master bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. 

It's a personal retreat! So, the wall art in your bedroom should reflect your personal taste and create a feeling that will help you get a delicious night's rest.

In this short post, we'll cover how to choose and display wall art in your master bedroom effectively.


How To Choose Wall Art for a Master Bedroom
FINE ART PRINTS - Photography by June Hunter

1. Consider Your Taste, the Size of the Space, and the Mood You’re Cultivating When Choosing Wall Art

Personal Taste: Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so choose art that speaks to you personally. Don't worry about trends. It's YOUR bedroom, after all.

Mood and Atmosphere: Decide on the mood you want to create – tranquil and soothing or bold and energetic. How do you want to feel when you enter the room? 

Room Size and Layout: Consider the size of your room and the furniture placement when selecting art. It's nice to have a bold piece of art that draws the eye when you enter the room. This will set the tone for the rest of the space. 



2. Try a Complementary Colour Scheme

Select artwork with some of the room's existing colours to create a cohesive look.

Or you can do the reverse and pick the art first. Then use colours from your art to inspire the colour palette for your linens, cushions, or curtains. Or, for a minimalist approach, monochromatic art can accentuate the existing colour scheme without overwhelming it.


BLACK AND WHITE - Wall Art & PrintsBLACK AND WHITE - Wall Art & Prints

3.Choose the Right Size Artwork

Above the Bed: A large piece or a series of smaller pieces that span the bed's width works well above the bed.

Above a Dresser: Choose a piece of art that’s about two-thirds the width of the furniture.

Remember to leave enough wall space around the art to avoid a cramped look.

4. Carefully Consider Whether You Want to Go Serene or Bold

Whether to go serene or bold depends on your preference and the feeling you want to create in the bedroom. If you're an insomniac, I suggest going serene. Often, imagery of nature helps create a feeling of relaxation. The right piece of art may cure your insomnia!

Serene: Landscapes, soft abstracts, or gentle colours can create a peaceful ambiance.

Bold: Expressive, colourful artwork can make a statement and energize the room. Just be sure you want an energizing bedroom before you go down this path.


BLUE BOTANICAL PRINTS - Fine Art PhotographyBLUE BOTANICAL PRINTS - Fine Art Photography

5. Create a Clean or Minimalist Gallery Wall

Sometimes a gallery wall is perfect for the master bedroom. But make sure it doesn't feel cluttered, as that might not create the right feeling for a serene space.

Here’s a few tips to prevent your gallery wall from getting cluttered:

  • Keep a consistent theme or colour palette to maintain cohesion.
  • Use similar frames or matting for a unified look.
  • Arrange the layout on the floor before hanging to find a balanced composition.
  • Leave some space between each piece to avoid a cluttered appearance.

6. Choose Your Frames with Care

Here are three considerations when choosing the frames for your bedroom art:

# 1 - Style Consistency: Choose frames that complement the room's decor style – sleek and minimal for modern spaces or ornate for traditional rooms.

#2 - Colour Coordination: Frames should complement or contrast pleasingly with the room's colour scheme. Don't be afraid to use coloured frames! Sometimes, that can add an element of fun or a spark of joy to the room. Pull the colour of the frame from the art and make sure it works with the space as a whole. 

#3 - Material: Consider the material of the frame, whether wood, metal, or something more ornate, to match the overall feel of the room. For a zen feeling, go with wood or bamboo frames. Lighter colours are more calming, while darker colours are more grounding. 


calm gallery wall idea


Final Thoughts

By considering factors like personal taste, room colour scheme, artwork size, the mood you want to create, and frame style, you can create a space that reflects your style and a comfortable retreat.

The right wall art will transform your master bedroom into a personalized sanctuary into which you’ll love retreating.


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This article was written by Colette Nichol and reviewed by photographer and nature enthusiast June Hunter. Our aim with these short articles is to bring interesting bird facts and nature-inspired home décor info to more online readers while also highlighting June Hunter's photography and designs. To read June Hunter's popular blog the Urban Nature Enthusiast, where she shares stories about crows and ravens, please click HERE.


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