Judgmental Birds Pencil Case/Organizer


These birds speak for many of us, and are also useful!

Introducing your stern moral support team: Song Sparrow, Crow with Bushtit on head, Barred Owl, Black-Capped Chickadee, Steller's Jay and Robin.

This small pouch is the perfect sizes tote for those COVID carry-alongs we all need these days —mask and small hand sanitizer — all together to grab as you head out the door. Keeping an extra set in the car is a great idea too. 

Organizing wayward chargers, cables & earphones; carrying along craft/sewing supplies; small make up bag, are just a few ideas. Not to mention, using it as a pencil case — for pens and pencils!

You may find yourself needing several different designs of this cute and useful little pouch!

Sturdy polyester canvas with my Agnes, the Small But Determined Bushtit image printed beautifully on both sides.  

9-inches wide by 4.5-inches high.

Use mild detergent and cold water, dry flat.

Printed and sewn in Montreal, Canada.

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