What Type of Art Should Be Hung in a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen?

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Art and Décor Ideas

“What type of art should be hung in a modern farmhouse kitchen?”

While there’s not a single type of wall art that you should hang in a farmhouse kitchen, we have some simple suggestions. 

The modern farmhouse kitchen blends rustic charm with contemporary chic, creating a warm, welcoming, functional, and stylish space. Choosing the right art for this style involves balancing traditional elements with modern design.

We’re going to explore how to spruce up a modern farmhouse kitchen with art, including the types of frames and themes that will work in your kitchen.


What Type of Art Should Be Hung in a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen?

8 Types of Art that Work Well in a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen?

In a modern farmhouse kitchen, the art you choose should complement the cozy, warm, and rustic yet refined vibe that characterizes this style.

Here are some suggestions for types of art that would fit beautifully in such a space:

1 - Botanical Prints

Botanical prints add a touch of nature and a subtle splash of colour, perfect for bringing some of the outdoors inside. Think vintage-style illustrations of herbs, flowers, or agricultural plants or modern botanical photography and collage.

2 - Rustic Landscapes

Artwork featuring serene fields, farm scenes, or rustic barns can underscore the farmhouse theme, providing a sense of tranquillity and space.

3 - Animal and Bird Portraits

Images of farm animals like cows, chickens, pigs, or sheep can add character and charm, fitting the farmhouse aesthetic well. Beautiful garden bird prints are also a perfect addition to any farmhouse kitchen. In both cases, make sure your art complements or contrasts your space's colour theme.


What Type of Art Should Be Hung in a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen?

4 - Vintage Signs and Typography

Reproductions of vintage farm signs or typographic prints with elegant quotes can add a personal touch to the space. You can even make your signs using literary quotes that you love. Design your prints on Canva and get them printed and shipped to your door.

5 - Culinary-Inspired Art

Consider illustrations or paintings of fruits, vegetables, or other culinary elements. These can add a quirky touch to the kitchen and celebrate the space as a place of culinary creativity.

6 - Handcrafted Pieces

Adding artisanal crafts, such as woven textiles, pottery, decorative wooden spoons, and baskets to your walls will add texture and colour to the space while still fitting the aesthetic. 


What Type of Art Should Be Hung in a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen?

7 - Black and White Photography

Black and white photography can add a sophisticated yet intimate feel to your kitchen. Photos of rural, agricultural, or familial themes work particularly well in a modern farmhouse kitchen.

If you live in the city and have a modern farmhouse kitchen, finding old photographs of your city before urbanization could be an interesting addition to your space.

8 - Crow and Raven Art

Crow and raven portraits, paintings, prints, and photographs work beautifully in most modern farmhouse kitchens. They add life and character to the walls. In addition, their black colouring grounds the artwork whether your kitchen is light and airy, dusty blue, or wrapped in warm earth tones.

Choose the frame style based on the aesthetics of your kitchen. If your kitchen leans rustic, chunkier frames with generous matting will work well. Try a thin oak or walnut frame if your kitchen is more modern. Black metal frames also work well. 

An entryway near the kitchen features summer crows.


9 - Vintage Oil Paintings of Pastoral or Still Life Scenes

You can sometimes find lovely oil paintings at thrift stores or online vintage stores featuring the works of unknown artists. For a few hundred dollars, you may find a beautiful oil painting that brings earth tones into your kitchen. You can frame it or leave it as just a canvas for a more modern look.


How to Frame a Print: Simple But Beautiful DIY Art FramingHow to Frame a Print: Simple But Beautiful DIY Art Framing

Frames and Display Methods

There’s no single right way to frame your prints and paintings. However, these three ideas can get you started:

Rustic Frames - Use reclaimed wood or distressed frames for a rustic feel. These chunkier frames work best in a kitchen that is larger in scale.

Simple Modern Frames - Opt for sleek, minimalist frames in black or white for a modern touch. Oak and walnut frames also look beautiful. 

Open Shelving - Display art alongside kitchen items on open shelves for a functional yet decorative look.


Incorporating Family or Heirloom Pieces

You may wish to incorporate pieces from your family’s past. Family portraits or heirloom kitchen items can be fun pieces to include in a farmhouse kitchen. 

Family Portraits - Framed in rustic or vintage-style frames, these can add a personal and historical touch.

Heirloom Kitchen Items Old kitchen tools, recipes in antique frames, or vintage cookware can be displayed as art. 


Decorating a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Combining Old and New - Mix traditional farmhouse elements like natural wood and vintage items with modern accents and clean lines.

Neutral Palette with Textural Elements - Stick to a neutral colour scheme while incorporating textures for depth and warmth.


BLUE BOTANICAL PRINTS - Fine Art PhotographyBLUE BOTANICAL PRINTS - Fine Art Photography by June Hunter



Strategic Placement of Art in the Kitchen

1 - Above the Sink: A classic spot for a statement piece.

2 - Adjacent to the Dining Area: Create a gallery wall or display a large, eye-catching piece.

3 - On Open Shelves: Intermingle smaller artworks with kitchen items for a lived-in feel.

Decorating a modern farmhouse kitchen with art involves creating a harmonious blend of the old and new. 

By choosing the right types of art, frames, and placement, you can create a rustic and contemporary space. Incorporate family heirlooms and budget-friendly finds to add authenticity and charm. 

Remember, the key to modern farmhouse décor is creating a space that feels both welcoming and stylish, where every piece tells a story.

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