What Kind of Art Is Good for a Bathroom?

Sometimes you just need a bathroom refresh! 

But once you’ve decided on the paint colour or wallpaper, it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds when picking prints. In this post, we’ll cover a myriad of bathroom art ideas. So if you’re wondering what kind of art is good for a bathroom, you’re in the right place!


What Kind of Art Is Good for a Bathroom?

Taking your bathroom from purely functional and turning it into a relaxing, soothing, inspiring, or magical sanctuary is worth the time and effort. 

However, the unique environment of a bathroom demands thoughtful consideration when choosing the right kind of art. We’re going to cover some ideas for bathroom art and go over common questions about art type, sizes, placement, and arrangement. 

Just remember, the bathroom is one of the few places in the home where you can really go wild with colour and print without offending your spouse or family members.

So, if you’ve been dreaming about wild prints and patterns, the bathroom is the perfect place to start experimenting!


Crow in the Bathroom - Wall ArtCrow Art by June Hunter 

15 Beautiful Bathroom Art Ideas

Sometimes the trickiest part of choosing your bathroom art is deciding on a theme or a cohesive element that will pull all the art together. Whether you go with a colour, pattern, art style or theme is up to you. But here are some ideas:


1 - Seascape Paintings or Prints 

A seaside scene will create a calm feeling in the space. You could also choose multiple prints featuring the same beach. Whether you go with a Miami vibe or a British seaside vibe will change how your space feels.


2 - Botanical Prints

Bring a touch of nature indoors with these prints. Consider blue botanicals, calming ferns, beautiful birds and flowers, or vintage botanicals.

3 - Abstract Art

Add a modern twist to your decor with bold shapes and colours. If you’re going abstract, be bold with the size of the prints.


4 - Vintage Advertisements

These advertisements can add a retro or eclectic feeling to your space. French advertisements can be fun in the bathroom, especially when combined with a bold paint colour.


5 - Black-and-White Framed Photographs

Personalize your decor with black-and-white family photos in mismatched vintage frames. Gold frames placed on botanical wallpaper always give a juicy look.

 What Kind of Art Is Good for a Bathroom?

Sometimes your bathroom may be better suited to plants and other objects than wall art.

6 - Minimalist Line Art

Create an elegant and understated look with line art that compliments or contrasts your paint colour.


7 - Nautical Themes

Bring a coastal-inspired feel to your bathroom with a vintage nautical theme. Consider leaning on historical prints of ships and ocean creatures for a more elegant look.

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8 - Waterproof Wall Decals

These fun and easy-to-change decals are perfect for any room! If you want to create a jungle bathroom, try experimenting with large tropical leaf decals.


9 - Zen-Inspired Art

Create a spa-like atmosphere in your home with this type of art.


10 - Metal Wall Sculptures

Add texture and dimension to your walls with these sculptures. Metal birds are seeing a comeback right now and can be a fun 3D element with which to play.


11 - Witty Quotes

Humorous sayings make great bathroom wall decor. They can feel a bit kitsch elsewhere, but in the bathroom, all rules go out the window!

HUMMINGBIRD PORTRAITS - Wall Art & PrintsHUMMINGBIRD PORTRAITS - Wall Art & Prints by June Hunter

12 - Geometric Pattern

A bold geometric poster in a large frame can work well for larger bathrooms. A nice black frame works well for these types of prints. If you have white walls, primary colours will work well. You could also combine pastel walls with pastel geometrics.


13 - Small Sculptures on Shelves

Add texture and interest to your shelves with small sculptures on a bathroom shelf mixed in with plants and your bathroom necessities.


14 - Mirrored Art

Mirrored art enhances light and space. This is best done when the bathroom windows face something beautiful, like a tree or other attractive view.


15 - Stained Glass Pieces

Add colour and shine to your decor with stained glass pieces either hanging in front of a window or on the wall.

HUMMINGBIRD PORTRAITS - Wall Art & PrintsHUMMINGBIRD PORTRAITS - Wall Art & Prints by June Hunter

What Type of Art Is Ideal for a Bathroom?

Bathrooms benefit from art that can withstand humidity and moisture. 

However, there’s no need to worry about the lifespan of your artwork if it’s not an expensive piece. While I wouldn’t put a $1000+ oil painting in my bathroom, inexpensive prints are perfect and will last many years as long as they’re framed.

Even with the humidity of a bathroom, I’ve had prints that still look good after 10 years in a bathroom.

Most of us have good fans, so you don’t need to worry about your art getting mouldy.  However, water-resistant materials like acrylic, glass, or metal are excellent choices if you want art very close to a source of water such as above a bathtub.


Optimal Size for Bathroom Art

The size of the artwork should be proportional to your bathroom's size. 

In smaller bathrooms, a series of small to medium-sized pieces works well or one large print. 

In larger bathrooms, you can opt for bigger statement pieces. Avoid overcrowding the space unless you’re going for a boho-cluttered look. Sometimes, one or two well-placed pieces are all you need.


BLUE BOTANICAL PRINTS - Fine Art PhotographyBLUE BOTANICAL PRINTS - Fine Art Photography by June Hunter

Where to Place Bathroom Art

There’s no right or wrong place to put art in the bathroom. 

Common places to put art in the bathroom include above the toilet, over the towel rack, or on the wall opposite the door for immediate impact upon entering. Consider using wall space near the bathtub or shower in larger bathrooms.

  • Above the toilet
  • Over the towel rack
  • On the wall opposite the door
  • Next to the sink 

What Kind of Art Is Good for a Bathroom?

Arranging Art on a Bathroom Wall

When arranging art, consider balance and symmetry. 

A single large piece can serve as a focal point, while a gallery wall can create a more dynamic look. For a gallery wall, maintain consistent spacing between frames and align them at the same height for a cohesive appearance.


Final Thoughts

Choosing the right art for your bathroom can significantly elevate the space, making it more than just a functional space for grooming.

By selecting appropriate materials, sizes, and styles and placing them thoughtfully, your bathroom can become a gallery of your taste and style. Remember, the best bathroom art harmonizes with the space, creating an inviting and visually pleasing environment.


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