How To Select and Buy Wall Art Prints

When it comes to personalizing your space, selecting the right wall art prints can be as crucial as choosing the right furniture.

It can set the tone for your room, reflect your personality, and even inspire your daily life. Here's how to select and buy wall art and prints that harmonize with your home and your heart.

How To Select and Buy Wall Art Prints

How do I choose a wall print?

Choosing a wall print is subjective, but there are a few guidelines that can help you make a decision:

Color Scheme

Consider the color palette of your room. A print should complement the existing hues of your space. It doesn't have to match perfectly, but it shouldn't clash. If your room is monochrome, a pop of color can add interest.


Your art should reflect your personal style—whether it's modern, traditional, bohemian, or eclectic. The artwork can also serve as a contrast to your decor to create a focal point.

Subject Matter

What do you love? What inspires you? Whether it's nature, abstract forms, typography, or something else, make sure it's something you'll enjoy looking at every day.


Each piece of art evokes a different mood. Consider what feeling you want to induce in the space. A serene landscape can be calming in a bedroom, while a vibrant abstract might energize a home office.


Raven Emperor Print
Raven Emperor Print by June Hunter works beautifully against bold colours.


Wall Art Print  But it also works well in a space that has white, grey, or even pastel walls.


How do I know what size wall art to buy?

The size of the wall art should be in proportion to your wall space and surrounding furnishings. Here are three simple ways to determine the right size:

 1. Measure

Take the dimensions of your wall space. As a general rule, the art should occupy between 2/3 to 3/4 of the wall area you want to fill.

 2. Consider Furniture Proportion

If hanging above furniture like a sofa or console, a good rule of thumb is that the art should be approximately two-thirds the width of the piece.

 3. Consider Spacing

Leave some breathing room around your art. About 6-8 inches between the furniture and the bottom of the frame works well.


How To Select and Buy Wall Art Prints


What is the most popular wall art print size?

While there's no one-size-fits-all, some of the most popular sizes for wall art prints include:

  • Small (up to 18 inches)
  • Medium (between 24 and 36 inches)
  • Large (between 36 and 48 inches)
  • Oversized (over 48 inches)

Medium-sized prints are often versatile for different spaces, making them a popular choice.

Hummingbird Art
These two beauties are from June Hunter's Hummingbird Collection.


Are art prints worth buying?

Absolutely, art prints are a worthwhile investment for several reasons:


Original art can be expensive, but prints offer a more affordable option to enjoy works by your favorite artists.


Prints come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and subjects, giving you more options to find the perfect match for your decor.


Many prints are produced with high-quality inks and papers, ensuring longevity and a look that is close to original works.


Unlike original art, if you decide to redecorate or move, you can find new prints to fit your new environment without too much investment.

When selecting and buying wall art prints, it's all about what speaks to you and what feels right in your space. With thoughtful consideration of color, style, size, and personal taste, you can select wall art prints that not only decorate your walls but also resonate with your personal aesthetic.

Whether you’re doing up your first apartment or curating a collection in a long-loved home, the right print can make all the difference. Happy art hunting!


Blue Moon Print

 This print is part of June Hunter's Blue Crow Landscapes Collection

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