35 Hummingbird Gifts for Hummingbird Lovers

Buying a gift for someone you've known for years can be challenging. What can you get that they don't have or that you haven't already gifted? Well, a hummingbird gift is a good start!  

For anyone who loves hummingbirds, these gifts will surprise and delight. Create a gift box with an arrangement of items.

Best Hummingbird Gifts for the Hummingbird Lover in Your Life

Getting a gift that fits with one of your loved-one's hobbies, passions, or obsessions is never a bad idea. If you're looking for the best gifts for a bird lover or hummingbird lover, you can't go astray with this list of unique ideas.

People who love hummingbirds, tend to enjoy beautiful colours and the magic and beauty of nature. So pick something that fits their aesthetic or will be a useful or beautiful part of their daily adventures.

 A hummingbird print is wonderful gift for someone who likes to switch up the art on their walls while a piece of hummingbird or nature jewelry is good for anyone who likes to bring their love of nature into their wardrobe. If the bird lover you're buying for enjoys bird watching, gardening or photography, then picking something for their garden would be thoughtful. (+)

For more gift ideas, keep reading! 


Hummingbird Prints the best gift idea for hummingbird lovers.

35 Unique Hummingbird Gifts That Will Delight Bird Lovers

1) Ferris Wheel Hummingbird Feeder

Brighten up a loved one's garden with this quirky hummingbird feeder from Uncommon Goods. Shaped like a ferris wheel, this bird feeder is the perfect way to attract more hummingbirds.

Due to a ferris wheel feeder's design, the hummingbirds will flit from one spot to the next, creating a beautiful sight that any bird lover will appreciate. Not every bird feeder is made with equal care and quality, so make sure you get one that's unique and built to last.

Colourful Ferris Wheel Hummingbird Feeder brimming with nectar, ready to attract a flurry of hummingbirds to your garden.

2) Sterling Silver Hummingbird Pendant

This delicate hummingbird pendant with an elegant and eye-catching image of iridescent hummingbird feathers will add a touch of elegance to one's outfit and makes a thoughtful gift.

Sterling Silver Hummingbird Pendant for people who love hummingbirds.

3) Wooden Hummingbird Themed Wind Chimes

These hummingbird wind chimes are hand-made in Thailand and will add a rustic charm to your garden with its spinning bird tails and hand-carved form. Made from sustainably sourced premium wood and natural feathers, it's an environmentally friendly piece that offers unique visual delight. Perfect as a gift, it elevates one's garden decor, blending seamlessly with nature.


4) Hummingbird Earrings

These oh so tiny hummingbird earring from June Hunter are light and comfortable to wear — yet they also pack a big visual punch thanks to the way the silver behind the images catches the light when the wearer moves! Perfect for special occasions and every day wear. They are the perfect accessory for any hummingbird enthusiast.

Hummingbird Earrings inspired by the captivating world of tiny birds.

5) Hummingbird T-Shirt

A vibrant, comfortable t-shirt with a colourful hummingbird design is perfect for a casual day out and is a foolproof gift.

6) Stained Glass Hummingbird Suncatcher

This stained glass hummingbird suncatcher from PullingArtGlass casts beautiful rainbows when the sunlight hits it, bringing joy and a touch of nature's beauty into one's home.

7) Hand-blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder for the Garden

An artist-made glass feeder will make a beautiful addition to one's garden, attracting these beautiful birds to the backyard.

Glass Hummingbird Feeder for the Garden

8) The Hummingbird's Gift

"The Hummingbird's Gift" by the acclaimed author of "The Soul of an Octopus", is a touching tale about the extraordinary and delicate world of hummingbirds, the smallest birds capable of remarkable feats. The book shares the journey of Brenda Sherburn who rescues and rehabilitates abandoned hummingbirds, illuminating the exceptional care she provides to these tiny creatures. A celebration of hummingbirds' significance to our planet, this inspiring book, featuring sixteen pages of beautiful color photos, is the ultimate gift for nature enthusiasts and bird watchers alike.

The Hummingbird's Gifts is a perfect gift for your bird lover friends. Create a hummingbird gift box with a variety of items.

9) Hummingbird Stapler

This handsome hummingbird stapler will elevate one's workspace. Constructed from stainless steel and maple wood and adorned with a pewter hummingbird. The hummingbird design is meticulously sculpted, antiqued, polished, and affixed to the stapler in ThimblesnObjectDart's workshop in Worcestershire, England.

Hummingbird Stapler as a functional accessory and office decor.

10) Hummingbird Prints

These beautiful hummingbird prints by fine art photographer June Hunter bring the iridescent colours and magic of the fierce little hummingbird to your home.

hummingbird prints


11) Beautiful Printed Wooden Hummingbird Trinket Box

A handcrafted wooden Hummingbird Keepsake Box from LifestylebyThorness on Etsy is a perfect gift for hummingbird enthusiasts, providing a useful place to store jewelry, makeup, or other keepsakes. The box, made predominantly from hardwood, features a printed image of a hummingbird on top making this a unique trinket box.

hummingbird keepsake box

12) Guidebook for Attracting More Hummingbirds

This comprehensive guide to attracting more hummingbirds to one's backyard guidebook offers invaluable advice on how to bring more of these beautiful birds to one's garden without harming the hummingbirds in the process. "Attracting Hummingbirds" is a foolproof guide that can help anyone create a haven for these beautiful birds, whether in one's backyard or apartment window.

The guide covers how to attract hummingbirds with appropriate plants, proper feeder care, and creating a safe habitat free from predators and pests. It provides knowledge about different hummingbird species in your area, ensuring feeders or flowers don't disturb their migration or nesting, and tips to identify various hummingbird behaviours to share with others. Regardless of one's gardening skills or outdoor space, this guide ensures anyone can enjoy the company of hummingbirds.

Attract Hummingbirds into your garden by reading this Guidebook on Attracting More Hummingbirds.

13) Eco-Friendly Hummingbird Print Tote Bag

This eco-friendly tote bag, embellished with a lovely hummingbird print, is a stylish and sustainable choice for one's everyday toting! These printed tote bag from Etsy Seller Growing and Going are made from 100% cotton. Add their reinforced handle stitching to the mix, and you got a reliable bag that's both durable and attractive.

Eco-Friendly Hummingbird Print Tote Bag  with its gorgeous design is a beautiful addition to a hummingbird lover's collection.

14) Hummingbird Print Water Bottle

This eco-friendly, reusable water bottle from Belle Matineuse featuring a captivating hummingbird print, is a perfect way to stay hydrated while showcasing their love for these amazing birds. 

15) Help Your Loved One Create a Hummingbird Fountain with Sozu Spout

Hummingbirds (and most other birds) love to wash and bathe in garden baths. But it can be nice for birds and garden owner's to have the water running rather than sitting still. Get your loved one a copper Japanese Sozu fountain spout, then help them create the ultimate backyard water feature! This gift will require a little bit of DIY elbow grease and a trip to hardware store. But it will be treasured for years to come.

16) Handmade Hummingbird Jewelry Box

This elegant, hand-carved jewelry box from Etsy Seller The Davidson Workshop, offers a practical and charming storage solution for your loved one's tiniest trinkets. Carved from solid maple, you can get the box engraved with up to 100 characters under the lid.

17) Hummingbird Print Coffee Mug

Perfect for their daily caffeine fix, this durable coffee mug from Etsy seller Shop Mugzan features a bright hummingbird print that will brighten up your loved one's mornings.

Hummingbird Coffee Mug for Everyday Use.

18) Soft Hummingbird Patterned Scarf

This soft and cozy scarf from Etsy Seller Dream Express is adorned with a hummingbird pattern and will keep your loved one warm in style.

19) Hummingbird Glass Pendant

This beautiful piece of jewelry showcases a miniature work of art within a large glass pendant. The hummingbird pendant features a beautiful image of iridescent hummingbird feathers up close, capturing the delicate beauty and vibrant colours of this amazing bird. It's a perfect gift for someone who appreciates unique nature jewelry and has a love for hummingbirds.

Hummingbird Glass Pendant great addition to hummingbird lover's collection.

20) Handmade Stoneware Hummingbird Platter

Practical yet beautiful, this hummingbird stoneware platter from Etsy Seller Pottery by Helene is a beautiful gift that is perfect for someone who loves to entertain. Great for presenting a small fruit and cheese plate or array of cookies.

hummingbird tray by Helene


21) Hummingbird Christmas Ornaments

A unique, hummingbird ornaments will is a great gift for anyone who loves to decorate their tree in style. These eco birch ornaments from Wooden Islands are quirky and fun.

22) Colourful Hummingbird Decals for Windows

These vivid hummingbird decals from Etsy Shop Arts, Earings and Gifts will not only add personality to windows or glass doors but also serve as a visual warning for other more wayward birds to slow down and swerve!

23) Hummingbird Puzzle

This engaging hummingbird-themed puzzle from Etsy Seller Sarah Wiggins will provide hours of entertainment and relaxation, making it a perfect gift for bird lovers.

Fun Hummingbird Puzzle for Bird Lovers

24) Handmade Hummingbird Quilt

A handcrafted quilt from Etsy Seller Grandma Shirley from her "Anything with Wings" collection is a great gift for someone who loves a cottage country aesthetic.

25) Hummingbird Embroidered Hat for the Outdoors

With cute hummingbird embroidery, this hat from Etsy Seller Price Apparel is a low-key and practical accessory providing protection from the sun with an avian twist.

28) Solar Powered Hummingbird Garden Lights

These eco-friendly, solar-powered lights from Etsy Seller OutDoor Lights in the shape of hummingbirds will add a magical, soft glow to their garden.

Lighting it the perfect hummingbird gift.

30) Hummingbird Cross Stitch Kit

A hummingbird cross-stitch kit is a great gift for the crafty person on your gift list.

This hummingbird gift is perfect for a crafty person. DIY Hummingbird Cross Stitch Kit for bird-loving friends.

31) Hummingbird Coasters

These watercolour print hummingbird coasters from Ola Design are a practical and stylish addition to any living space. They have a cork bottom and are made in Canada. Featuring original artwork which is miniaturized and applied using a process called dye-sublimation, the result is a colourful and durable piece. The coaster is resistant to heat, cold, moisture, and even impact and scratching, making it a long-lasting addition to any home.

hummingbird gifts for anyone who loves hummingbirds

Or if your loved one has a more rustic sensibility, these wood engraved hummingbird coasters are the perfect gift.

32) Beautiful Brass Hummingbird Paperweight and Statuette

A beautifully crafted hummingbird paperweight made from high-quality, lead-free brass is a practical gift for anyone with a pile of papers on their desk. It can serve as a visually pleasing desktop ornament or paperweight.

34) Delicate Glass Hummingbird Figurine

A delicate hand- blown glass hummingbird figurine representing the exquisite beauty of the hummingbird is a timeless piece of art great for anyone who likes collectibles.

35) Birdwatching Binoculars for Spotting Hummingbirds

These high-quality binoculars will take their birdwatching hobby to the next level, providing a close, clear view of their favourite hummingbirds.


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