How Many Pieces of Art Are on a Gallery Wall?

Figuring Out How Many Pieces of Art to Use When Creating a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a personalized work of art in itself. It's a collection that reflects your taste, memories, and what inspires you. There are no strict rules on the number of pieces you should hang. It can range from a minimalist trio to an elaborate assembly that fills an entire wall.

How Many Pieces of Art are on a Gallery Wall?

RAVEN PORTRAITS - Wall Art & Prints By June Hunter 


But if you'd like a quick rule of thumb for deciding how much art to use, I've got an easy breakdown for you.


Salon vs. Grid vs. Linear Gallery Walls

It's best to use nine pieces of art when creating a grid gallery wall. For a salon gallery wall, opt for 12 or more pieces of art to create a full and dramatic focal point that sweeps up the wall. For a linear gallery wall, use five to seven pieces of art.

How many pieces of art you use will depend on the size of the wall and the size of the images.

Below, you'll find a guide to creating a gallery wall, addressing common questions along the way.

styles of gallery walls

5 Easy Steps to Follow When Creating a Gallery Wall with Photos, Art, and Prints

Step 1: Decide on the Mood and Theme of Your Gallery Wall

The initial step involves deciding what you want your gallery wall to represent. Is it a collection of family photos, a mixture of your favorite prints, or an eclectic mix of art styles? This decision will guide the tone and composition of your wall.


Step 2: Pick the Perfect Spot

Consider the wall size and location. Larger walls can accommodate more pieces, but don't feel compelled to fill every inch. A gallery wall above a sofa, bed, or down a hallway can create an inviting focal point.


How Many Pieces of Art are on a Gallery Wall?

 By June Hunter

Step 3: Curate Your Collection

Choose original artwork, prints, and photos that you love. This is where you decide on the balance between different mediums, sizes, and frames. To mix art styles effectively, find a unifying element, such as a consistent color scheme or frame style, which will bring harmony to the gallery wall.


Step 4: Plan Your Layout

Lay your art on the floor to experiment with layouts. Spacing is crucial for balance; typically, 2-3 inches between each frame works well. Think about a central piece from which you'll build out. Use paper templates to help envision the arrangement on the wall.


Step 5: Install Your Gallery

When hanging, start with the largest piece or the central anchor of your layout. Make sure it's at eye level, which is around 57-60 inches from the floor to the center of the artwork. Then, place the rest of the artwork in relation to this piece according to your floor plan.

It can help a lot to use templates and tape them up on the wall before you start putting hooks in the wall. 

 gallery wall art
RAVEN PORTRAITS - Wall Art & Prints
 By June Hunter 


Design Tips & Tricks

Balance and Symmetry: For an even gallery wall, balance heavier pieces with lighter ones throughout the arrangement.

Consistent Spacing: Use a ruler or tape measure to keep consistent spacing. This will prevent visual chaos. Of course, if you're going for a chaotic look, then feel free to toss out the ruler!

Mixing Styles with Care: If you're blending art styles, maintain a common thread—be it colour, frame style, or subject matter.

Wall Size and Art Quantity: For smaller walls, consider fewer, smaller pieces to avoid overwhelming the space. Larger walls can handle larger artworks as well as more pieces of art.

Design Principles: Odd numbers are typically more visually appealing. Keep that in mind when choosing how many pieces to include on the gallery wall.


Final Thoughts

Remember, gallery walls are adaptable; they can evolve with your style, space, and the art you collect. And there’s no hard and fast rule—just guidelines to help you create a space that feels uniquely yours.

And perhaps most importantly, remember to enjoy the process and create gathering of artwork that you love!


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