Top 25 Best Gifts for Crow Lovers

 Thoughtful Gifts for Corvid Enthusiasts

What's the perfect gift for the crow lover in your life?

For crow lovers, a thoughtful gift with a crow theme is the perfect birthday or holiday gift. Think about items that reflect the intriguing nature of these birds or combine your loved one's interest in crows with another hobby.

Books, prints, art, jewellery, scarves, and home décor featuring a crow theme are great choices that any crow enthusiast will enjoy.

Whether you're looking for present for your partner or a friend, one of these crow gifts is sure to be the perfect fit.


Top 25 Crow Gift Ideas

Whether it’s for a birthday or just a kind gesture, crow lovers are sure to be pleased with gifts that speak to their passion. From calendars with stunning crow photographs to stylish crow-themed scarves, the options are endless. A well-picked gift can really make their day.


1) Crow Art Prints: A Great Addition to the Home

Help to personalize your friend's living space with a few crow art prints. A high-quality crow print is the perfect gift for any crow lover. These prints from June Hunter Images will add a dash of avian elegance to your friend's home.

Gallery wall art with crow images can be a beautiful and dramatic addition to any room.


2) Crow Notebooks

For a crow lover, nothing beats a beautiful crow-themed notebook for jotting down thoughts, sketches, or plans. A crow or bird-themed notebook makes a practical yet personal gift that allows your friend to embrace their crow passion in their everyday writing tasks.


crow notebook



3) Hand-crafted Crow Jewelry Made with High Quality Materials

For someone who loves crows, a beautiful piece of crow-inspired jewellery is the perfect gift.  They can wear their crow love on the go. June's collection of mini crow pendants is a great gift for someone who likes simple yet elegant nature jewellery.

Hand-crafted Crow Jewelry for Everyday Wear


4) Practical and Stylish Tote Bags with Crow Designs

A tote bag with a crow design or a crow organizer pouch is practical and gives an ordinary item some style. June's crow totes are perfect for a jaunt around town or a trip to the shops—roomy enough for essentials and make a clear statement of crow admiration.

To see all of June's nature-inspired accessories and home décor items, visit her Accessories Collection.

Crow Moon Dreams


5) Quality T-Shirts with Crow Prints

You can’t go wrong with a creative and beautiful t-shirt featuring crow art. These t-shirts are an excellent choice for your loved ones who are bird lovers and who also likes to dress with creative flair. They’re casual, fun, and a brilliant way for crow aficionados to wear their passion on their sleeves.


6) Crow-Themed Mugs

For those corvid lovers that relish a hot brew, a crow-themed mug is a must. With designs from the whimsical to the classy, these crow mugs on Etsy add a bit of crow charm to one’s morning cuppa. It's a cosy way to enjoy one's favourite drink while paying homage to one's favourite urban birds.


7) Dazzling Crow Earrings Made from Resin and Sterling Silver

Nothing says nature-inspired elegance like a pair of tiny crow earrings. Made from silver and resin and featuring a beautiful crow photograph, these earrings from June Hunter are a perfect for the minimalist nature lover.


crow earrings



8) Crow-Themed Party and Holiday Decorations

Does your corvid-loving friend happen to be a big party planner? How about helping them add a crow-tastic twist to their next gathering? From crow garlands and crow-themed table decorations to crow-inspired invitations and party favours, crow-themed party and holiday décor makes a unique gift that will bring an enchanting ambiance to any occasion.


9) City Crow Stories by June Hunter

Get on the waitlist for the next printing of June's City Crow Stories.

City Crow Stories


10) A Non-Fiction Crow Memoire

Books make wonderful gifts, especially if they're about something you are curious about. A crow-themed non-fiction storybook or novel will prove a fascinating read for any crow lover. While June Hunter's City Crow is awaiting its next printing, Corvus: A Life with Birds by Esther Woolfson is a wonderful read.

Corvus: A Life with Birds by Esther Woolfson

"A satisfying read from a masterful stylist, this will appeal to any fan of nature writing or personal essays."

-Publishers Weekly

Description from the Publisher:

Ever since her daughter rescued a fledgling rook several years ago, Esther Woolfson has been fascinated with corvids, the bird group that includes crows, rooks, magpies, and ravens. Today, the rook, named Chicken, is a member of the Woolfson family along with a talking magpie named Spike, a baby crow named Ziki, a starling, a parrot, and others. From their elaborate bathing rituals to springtime broodiness and their tendency to stash food in the most unlikely places, these corvids share bonds with Woolfson that would have been considered rare, if not impossible, before.

crow book


11) Fine Metal Crow Bookends

Books are treasure, and they deserve a special place. These unique, handmade crow bookends by MetalHomeLab on Etsy are perfect to keep your friend's book collection tidy. Practical yet artsy, these bookends will undoubtedly stand out on their bookshelf.


12) Glass Crow Pendants

Make a bold fashion statement by accessorizing your outfit with crow-inspired glass pendant. The personality-filled images of crows in June's glass pendants are printed on archival watercolour paper. The images are contained under glass in a charming vintage-style pendant. Each pendant comes with a matching 24-inch brass chain.

crow pendant

13) Crow Makeup Organizer

Help the crow lover stay organized with a unique crow-themed makeup bag or organizer pouch. This practical accessory is perfect for storing and organizing one's cosmetics or tech essentials. Great for travel or just staying organized, June's crowphabet-design pouch is a unique gift for any crow lover.

crow makeup bag



14) Crow or Raven Nightlight

Light up your friend's night-time routine with a heart-warming crow or raven nightlight. A crow or raven nightlight makes a great gift. Ideal for setting a soothing atmosphere, this gift brings together function, comfort, and their love for crows. Imagine their bedroom or hallway softly illuminated by a lovely crow light.


15) Silk Scarf with Crow Design

A silk scarf with a crow design is a timeless piece of luxury. This stylish and versatile scarf is a thoughtful gift that will allow your friend to wear their crow passion with pride. It's the perfect crow-inspired luxury!


 Crow Moon Silk Scarf

⭐ Check out all of June Hunter's silk scarves, accessories and home décor. 


16) June Hunter’s Crow Collection: A Must for Bird Lovers

Explore the exceptional collection of fine art crow photography and prints by June Hunter. June's artwork captures the essence of crows with beauty, humour, and depth. There are two main crow collections: the Crow Characters Series and the Blue Crow Landscapes Series. June's work is popular with bird lovers around the world.

crow collection


17) Crow-Shaped Wind Chimes

Bird lovers will adore these crow-shaped wind chimes. There's something magical about hearing them tinkle in the breeze, bringing a sense of calm and serenity. It's a perfect little touch of crow-themed harmony for one's outdoor space.


18) Crow Pencil Case

A crow-themed pencil case reflects your loved one's admiration for their feathered friends. This compact and portable case provides a stylish way to store pens, pencils, and art supplies. It's the perfect gift for any bird lover.

crow pencil case


19) Crow Call Whistle

Here's something fun and interactive: a crow call whistle. While many urban nature enthusiasts have no trouble finding crows aplenty with whom to communicate, this is a fun and unique gift. 


20) Crow-Themed Cozy Throw Blanket

For those chillier days, a crow-themed cozy throw blanket will keep you warm in style. It's a unique gift for any crow lover. Perfect for cozy nights when you're ready to curl up with a good book or film.


21) Beautiful Crow Jigsaw Puzzle

What corvid lover wouldn't love a beautiful crow jigsaw puzzle? It's a perfect way to relax and unwind, whilst appreciating the intricate beauty of crows. A cup of tea, a puzzle and some peace!


22) Crow-Themed Cooking Apron

Let's bring your loved one's passion for crows into the kitchen. A corvid-themed cooking apron is a thoughtful gift, combining practicality with a touch of personality.


23) A Set of Crow-Themed Coasters

A set of crow-themed coasters will add a touch of mystery to your home. Not only do they protect surfaces, but they also add a delightful crow-themed hint to the décor.

24) Crow-Shaped Bottle Opener

Now, here's a conversation starter: a crow-shaped bottle opener is both functional and intriguing, adding a little fun to any gathering. It's perfect for your loved one's next dinner party or BBQ. This one is made by HOTCOOLTOKYO on Etsy.


25) Crow Poster Duo for Minimalist Crow Lovers

These black-and-white crow posters hung together make a very eye-catching collection of Crow Graphics — or if you have a smaller space, why not keep one for yourself and give one as a gift? This series explores the meeting of different types of language: nature's simple beauty (and what it can tell us if we listen), typography, and calligraphy.

crow posters black and white




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crow calendar

 One last gift idea: a crow calendar! It's practical and beautiful.



This article was written by Colette Nichol and reviewed by bird photographer and nature enthusiast June Hunter. Our aim with these short articles is to bring interesting crow, raven and hummingbird facts to more online readers while also highlighting June Hunter's bird photography and designs. To read June Hunter's popular blog the Urban Nature Enthusiast, where she shares stories about crows and ravens, please click HERE.



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