About My Jewelry


My miniature pendants are made by combining my own nature-inspired images with silver and resin in such a way that the silver is allowed to shine through the image slightly, giving each piece a uniquely luminous, almost three dimensional appearance. As with my other work, my goal is to take a fleeting everyday moment - a bird on a branch, the light on on leaf - preserve it and then present it as an artifact that you can enjoy for years to come.

Each image is carefully transferred by hand onto the sterling silver base, then resin is applied. The resin reacts with the image to make it semi transparent, allowing the shimmer of silver to show through. The pieces are light and waterproof, practical for everyday wear and yet eye-catching enough for a gala appearance.

The pendants are waterproof, but should not be exposed to chemicals like lotions, perfumes or chlorinated water.

All jewellery ships beautifully gift-wrapped.



Fine Art Photography Prints

Find the perfect art print for your home or create a gallery wall featuring these nature-inspired fine art prints by June Hunter.

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