About My Images


I am often asked if my images are paintings or photographs.

The answer is that they are photographs, often many layered together to create a final image.

In each image I try to tell a story.

The principal plot thread is the story of the subject. I approach my bird photography as portraiture, wanting to draw the viewer into thinking about what, and how, the main character might be thinking.

The other storyline is how I come to react to the subject in the way that I do. My English roots, my family, growing up in the heart of an industrial city and then spending several years living alone in a remote wilderness area of northern British Columbia — all of these affect how I feel about nature and wildlife. Elements hinting this subplot — cracked concrete, fabric texture, feathers, foliage, letter fabric — add depth and richness to the final tale.


Using this Steller’s Jay image as an example, I began with the portrait of the bird, perched on a mossy branch in the forest. Using Photoshop, I added a moody blue sky to make the bird stand out more clearly. After much experimentation with textures drawn from my large collection of photographs, I added subtle layers of cracked concrete, detail of a crow feather, the silhouette of a fennel plant, a postmark from a letter sent from England, and the shadows left in concrete by fallen maple leaves. Again, Photoshop is used for this process.


Once the image is complete it will be available as a fine art print made using archival inks and paper. I will also use it to make tiles and wood panels using a special image transfer method described in this video.









Fine Art Photography Prints

Find the perfect art print for your home or create a gallery wall featuring these nature-inspired fine art prints by June Hunter.

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