What Type of Wall Art Should You Put in Your Bedroom?

4 Tips for Choosing Wall Art for a Bedroom

Time to rest and relax in the bedroom. But wait…why is there nothing delightful on your walls? Let’s fix that!

Your bedroom is a personal sanctuary—a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. So it’s important to have art that makes you feel calm, cozy, and ready for a delicious sleep and some inspiring dreams!

Choosing the right wall art can dramatically enhance the look and feel of your bedroom. So try out these four tips to help you select art that not only complements your decor but also creates a tranquil and restful environment.

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1. Consider the Different Types of Wall Art Suited for a Bedroom

When it comes to choosing the perfect wall art for your bedroom, the options are as expansive as the colours in an artist's palette. 

Nature-inspired images and photography are always good options as they tend to promote a feeling of calm. 

Gentle landscapes or seascapes transport you to a serene world. Imagine waking up to a misty morning by the sea, with waves caressing the shore in your bedroom. Or how about a pair of hummingbirds bathing in the morning dew drops or feeding from an elegant lily?

Black and white photography can also be an elegant choice and will create a calm yet modern feeling in your space. 

Finally, whether you go with a piece of original art or a print will depend on your budget. From water colours to oil paintings to photographic collage and prints, there's no type of art that's off the table when it comes to your bedroom. 


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Abstract art is another fantastic option. 

Opt for pieces with soothing colours and fluid shapes that seem to dance on the canvas. They may invite you to contemplate their meaning as you drift into dreams. Soft shapes are calming, particularly if they’re in a colour palette that you enjoy.  

For a personal touch, why not display your own photographs?

Memories can add a layer of comfort and nostalgia to your bedroom sanctuary. Having some snapshots from happy life moments right by your bedside can give you a little spark of happiness as you get up in the morning and go to bed each night. 


2. Pick Art in a Colour Palette That Puts You at Ease

Soft, muted colours are your allies in the quest for relaxation and sleep.

Gentle hues are easy on the eyes and will allow you to wind down after a long day.

Avoid the siren call of stimulating or bright colours if you have trouble falling asleep. They might energize you when you least desire it. That said, darker more saturated art can create a cocooned feeling that's very relaxing. So there's no need to avoid colour when picking bedroom art.


BEAUTIFUL BIRDS - Wall Art & Prints
BEAUTIFUL BIRDS - Wall Art & Prints

3. Match Your Wall Art to the Bedroom Decor

To turn your bedroom into a harmonious haven, ensure your wall art works with your bedroom's decor. 

Start by considering the colours in the artwork in relation to your room's colour scheme. If your bedroom blooms with calming blues and whites, choose artwork that echoes these hues, creating a seamless visual connection.

Or you can create a contrasting scheme if you want a bolder feeling in the bedroom. For example, a blue room will look beautiful with works of art featuring pinks and oranges. 

Consider your bedroom's style. 

Whether it's modern, traditional, bohemian, or anything in between, the art should complement its aesthetic. For a modern bedroom, sleek and minimalist art may be the perfect match. While in a bohemian space, eclectic and vibrant pieces may be the perfect fit.

Size matters too! 

Ensure the artwork is proportional to the wall space and furniture. A tiny painting on a vast wall can feel lost, while an oversized masterpiece might overwhelm your cozy corner of tranquility.

4. Consider Trends in Bedroom Wall Art

Let’s be honest—your bedroom is not the place to be trendy.

Your bedroom is a haven that’s just for you. No need to impress the neighbours with your bedroom wall art. But, it’s always fun to see what other people are doing as it’s a great way to get inspiration.

So what are some trends?

Textured art has become more popular, adding depth and interest to one’s visual landscape. 

For those who want a touch of nature indoors, botanical prints are in style. They breathe life into your space, and look beautiful when combined with live plants. 

Black and white art has become the darling of sleek minimalist bedrooms but it can also look beautiful in an elegant, cozy, bohemian or country-cottage inspired space.


Final Thoughts

Selecting the perfect wall art for your bedroom is very personal. And while it’s nice to look outside for inspiration, make sure you create a space that is a true reflection of your dreams.

By considering colours, content, style, size and framing choices, you can create a space that's a beautiful bubble of serenity. Your bedroom should be a reflection of you— a place where art and comfort converge, inviting you to rest and recharge.

So, let your creativity flow and enjoy the process!


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