How To Hang Up Art Prints

5 Best Ways to Hang Up Art Prints

Hanging art prints can transform the ambiance of a space, and doing it right can be just as important as the artwork itself.

Whether you are dealing with a single statement piece or a collection for a gallery wall, here are five best ways to hang up your art prints effectively. 

How To Hang Up Art Prints

1. The Traditional Way to Hang Up Wall Art Prints 

Traditional Picture Hooks

For framed art prints, traditional picture hooks are a tried-and-true method. You'll need a hammer, nails, and possibly wall anchors for heavier pieces. It's crucial to locate studs in your wall to securely anchor the artwork if it's heavy.

But if your wall art isn't heavy, then please don't worry about finding a stud. You won't bring you wall down by simply hanging an 11x14 frame piece of art. 

According to Alpha Building Inspections if you use picture hangers on drywall, it "can hold up to 20 pounds with the proper nail." If you use a flat mounted hook and anchor system, it can hold up to 50 pounds. (+)

Traditional Picture Hooks


2. The No-Damage Way to Hang Art Prints 

Adhesive Strips and Hooks

If you're wondering what are the best techniques for hanging art prints without damaging the wall, here's your answer! Adhesive strips and hooks can hang art prints without causing damage, making them ideal for renters or those who frequently change decor.

Brands like Command offer a variety of sizes to support different weights. Always follow the instructions carefully to ensure the best hold. 

Use adhesive strips when hanging art on brick walls.

Hanging art on brick wall Hope Is the Thing, Black and White Print by June Hunter


3. The Gallery Method of Hanging Pictures

Gallery Hanging Systems

Gallery hanging systems use a picture rail with picture hooks and picture hanging cables or hanging rods. They allow you to easily move and adjust the height and alignment of your art prints without additional drilling or nailing.

If you happen to have big walls and you like changing up your art a lot, this is perfect for you. That said, it does take some time to set it up. So it's not for everybody. But for artists and art-lovers this may be an ideal solution as there are many affordable gallery hanging systems that look great.

Some companies that manufacture these systems include in Canada and in the USA.

The Gallery System of Hanging Art


4. The Boho Method of Hanging Prints and Art

Floating Shelves and Ledges

If you want to arrange multiple art prints on a wall without creating a gallery wall, you might enjoy this method of displaying prints. Floating shelves and picture ledges offer a versatile way to arrange art prints. They allow for layering and easy swapping of prints and can make arranging art less permanent. You can combine various sizes and frames for an eclectic look or align similarly styled prints for uniformity.

Ikea sells very affordable picture ledges as well as light-weight frames.


 Hanging art with clothes pins

5. The Modernist Method of Hanging Prints

Magnets and Metal Sheets

A less conventional but effective method involves affixing a thin metal sheet to the wall and using strong magnets to hold the art prints in place. This technique allows for the effortless swapping of artwork and requires minimal wall damage. Even renters can do this because you simply screw the metal sheet onto the wall. When you leave, you can remove it and fill the holes!

For a low-key magnetic hanging system you can use magnetic pushpins for art prints and posters that you want to hang unframed. You push one side of the pushpin into the wall. On the other side you hold the picture in place with a magnet. It creates a sleek look and only a small hole in the wall. 

Or you can try using a magnetic rail system like the one from Info Rail.


Tips for a Gallery Wall

How much space should be between art prints when creating a gallery wall?

Gallery Wall

Blue Botanical Prints by June Hunter


When creating a gallery wall try the following: 

  • Maintain a consistent space of about 2-3 inches between each frame for a clean look.
  • Hang larger prints at eye level and smaller prints around them.
  • Lay out your arrangement on the floor first to finalize your composition.
  • Use a level to ensure your prints are hung straight.
  • Consider the overall balance of the composition, not just the space between frames. 


Final Thoughts

No matter which hanging method you choose, it's essential to consider the following:

  • weight and size of your art prints
  • the type of walls you have
  • how permanent you want the placement to b

These methods provide both permanent and temporary solutions and can help ensure your art prints are displayed beautifully and securely, adding a personalized touch to your décor.


5 Ways to Hang Art


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