What Kind of Artwork Would Look Good in a Blue Kitchen?

A blue kitchen provides a fabulous backdrop for art.

In my opinion, a highly saturated blue is one of the best backdrops for art. It goes with every colour and style of art. So, if you have a deep blue kitchen, what you decide to put on your walls will depend on the design style of your kitchen and personal preference.

In my experience, a muted blue is a little harder to work with but still provides an excellent canvas upon which certain pieces can work beautifully. You just need to take your time to find the right colour palette for your art and select your frames carefully.

In addition, art is not limited to paintings and prints (though both are perfect for a kitchen). You may wish to display ceramics, baskets, plates, woven wall hangings, or use mirrors in your decorating.

In this post, I’ll provide some ideas that will be a jumping-off point for you.


What Kind of Artwork Would Look Good in a Blue Kitchen?BLUE BOTANICAL PRINTS - Fine Art Photography by June Hunter

What Kind of Art Works in a Blue Kitchen?

First, if you want an easy answer to this question, I’ve got a couple of suggestions for you in terms of colour palette. 

You can choose any subject matter you like as long as the colours you select work with your kitchen’s colour scheme. So focus on colour choice first, then find art featuring subject matter that appeals to you. 

Deep Blue Kitchen

If your kitchen has highly saturated cabinetry or walls, then I suggest picking art with highly saturated reds, oranges, yellows, or pinks. This will add warmth and depth to the space. In my opinion, nothing looks more delicious than dramatic warm colours against a deep blue backdrop. 

Try to pull a warm colour from elsewhere in the kitchen as your inspiration. Do you have warm wood countertops or an antique dining table that has hints of red? 

In my kitchen, we have a deep sea blue wall with a beautiful red and orange print of a woman in a flower garden. A light oak frame works well as it pops off the wall and goes with the warm tones of the artwork. 


HUMMINGBIRD PORTRAITS - Wall Art & PrintsHUMMINGBIRD PORTRAITS - Wall Art & Prints by June Hunter

Muted Blue Kitchen

If you have a muted blue kitchen, you’re going to need to be a little more careful in your art choices. The “wrong” art can fall flat when paired with light blue walls or cabinetry. 

Going with a beautiful bold splash of bright orange or yellow with a saturated green will work beautifully. Prints with orange, yellow and green will add a complementary pop of colour to the space while still feeling cohesive and not overbearing. 

Fuschia, deep purples, and bold pinks will also look stunning in a light blue kitchen. These colours will create a bold yet feminine look. 

Finally, you can go with lighter or darker shades of blue that match your kitchen for a soft yet refined look. 

One way that you can start experimenting with the colours you might want to bring into your artwork is to start buying flowers every week and photographing them in the kitchen. You’ll begin to notice the colours that work best in your space.

From there, select art in that same colour palette.


What Kind of Artwork Would Look Good in a Blue Kitchen?

Consider Colour Theory When Picking Art

When selecting art for a blue kitchen, considering colour theory can help create a space that feels harmonious and balanced. 

Here are some key principles from colour theory to guide your choice:

1. Colour Harmony

Colour harmony involves combining colours that are aesthetically pleasing and create a sense of balance. For a blue kitchen, this might mean:

Analogous colours: These are colours next to each other on the colour wheel. A kitchen with cool blue tones could be complemented by art featuring greens and purples, creating a serene and cohesive look. If you choose green art for a blue kitchen, I recommend choosing a green that has a lot of yellow in it as this will add warmth to the space.

Complementary colours: These are colours opposite each other on the colour wheel. For blue, this means orange tones. Art that incorporates warm oranges can add a vibrant contrast to a cool blue space, making it feel more dynamic.


What Kind of Artwork Would Look Good in a Blue Kitchen?

2. Colour Temperature

Colours are often described as warm (reds, oranges, yellows) or cool (blues, greens, purples). A blue kitchen inherently leans towards a cooler palette, which can be:

Balanced with Warmth: Choose art with warm hues to introduce a sense of comfort and balance.

Enhanced with Coolness: Stick with cool-toned art to amplify the kitchen's clean and cool vibe.


3. Colour Psychology

Colour psychology suggests that colours can influence our emotions and behaviour. Blue, for instance, is often associated with calmness and clarity. 

When choosing art:

Reinforce the Desired Emotions: For a calming and refreshing kitchen environment, select art with softer, lighter blues. For a more energetic space, consider deeper, more vibrant blues.

Introduce a New Emotion: Use art to bring in colours that evoke different feelings, such as the warmth and happiness of yellow and orange, the earthiness and stability of brown, or the fun and magic of pink.


What Kind of Artwork Would Look Good in a Blue Kitchen?

9 Art Ideas for a Blue Kitchen

1 - Paintings and prints of flowers in warm tones will create contrast and bring life to the space.

2 - Blue, brown, yellow, or white baskets can be used to create a decorative “gallery wall” that will add softness, warmth and texture to the space.

3 - Functional or decorative copper pots hung on the wall will add a warm glow to the room.

4 - A gold mirror is an amazing addition to either a soft blue or deep blue kitchen. It will bring more light into the space.

5 - Prints and posters of fruits and vegetables in complementary colours can look beautiful in a blue kitchen. For example, a poster featuring a still life of oranges in a light oak frame will look beautiful in a light blue kitchen.

6 - Oil paintings featuring warm colours will add elegance and texture to your blue kitchen. If you add a chunky gold vintage or antique frame to the piece, you’ll elevate the look even further.

7 - Paintings and prints of garden birds in analogous or complementary colours will create a soothing feeling and bring the feeling of a kitchen garden into the space.

8 - A display of blue and white plates using the same colour of blue throughout will create a graphic look that has a lot of impact while still evoking a feeling of calm.

9 - Black and white photography in crisp black frames with white matting can add warmth and contrast to a space. Black is a grounding colour that can enhance any room. The grain of old-school black and white photography brings warmth and texture into a space.

Art in a kitchen can significantly enhance the space's aesthetic appeal and mood. 

Whether opting for warm, contrasting colours, playing with scale, or mixing different art forms, the key is to create balance and harmony with the kitchen’s existing colour scheme. 


What Kind of Artwork Would Look Good in a Blue Kitchen?

Here a bright orange and black sign works well with muted turquoise cabinetry.

Art Colour Choices for a Blue Kitchen

1 - Complementary Colours

Orange and warm neutrals can contrast beautifully with blue.

2 - Analogous Colours

Consider artworks with greens or purples, which sit next to blue on the colour wheel, for a harmonious look.

3 - Monochromatic Scheme 

Different shades of blue in artwork can create a cohesive, monochromatic aesthetic.


What Kind of Artwork Would Look Good in a Blue Kitchen?
Notice how bright blue and pink combine to create an inspiring summery look.

The Role of Large-Scale Art in Kitchens

Statement Pieces

A large-scale artwork can serve as a statement piece, especially in spacious kitchens.

Spatial Perception 

Larger artworks can make the space feel more unified and expansive.

Light Colours and Reflectivity

Light Colours

Light-coloured artwork can brighten the kitchen and make it feel more spacious.


Glossy finishes or artworks with reflective elements can enhance the light in the kitchen as it will bounce the light back into the kitchen rather than absorb it. 

Frame Types for Blue Kitchen Walls

Contrasting Frames

White or natural wood frames can stand out against dark blue walls. While black frames will create contrast when paired with light blue walls. 

Metallic Frames
Gold frames add a touch of elegance and contrast.



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