RAVEN FEATHERS - Long Chiffon Scarf

$55.00 $89.00

Never let it be said that crows and ravens are plain black birds!

Borrow some of their iridescent beauty by wearing this diaphanous and spectacular chiffon scarf. Shades of indigo and lavender, navy and mauve, undulate in a lovely organic pattern. A perfect accessory for any occasion, in any season.

My logo is printed within the design on one corner of each scarf.

The scarf measures 16 by 72-inches (40 x 183 cm ).

Sheer polyester chiffon, machine finished with a baby rolled hem.
Printed and sewn in Montreal, Quebec from an original image by June Hunter.

This garment is printed using the dye sublimation method, in which the dyes are pressed into the fabric at high enough temperatures for them to turn to steam and be absorbed into the fibres of the cloth. This makes the image very vibrant and durable.

The print is 50% visible on the reverse side of the scarf.

Hand wash with gentle soap. Dry flat and iron on low synthetic setting.

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