Night and Day Owl Pencil Case/Organizer


As you go through the phases of your day, you may relate to this sleepy/awake owl. Wide awake on one side, nodding off on the other.

Multi-use, PLUS it has two different gorgeous owls print — one on each side. 

It is a pencil case — ideal for pens and pencils. But why stop there?
It's perfect for corralling those wayward charging cables and earphones, and cell phone charges. If you travel light, it's also great as a small make-up bag.

You may find yourself needing several different designs of this beguilingly useful little pouch!

Sturdy polyester canvas with my sleepy and awake Barred Owl images printed beautifully one on each side.  

8-inches wide by 4.5-inches high.

Use mild detergent and cold water, dry flat.

Printed and sewn in Montreal, Canada.

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