CROW LOOKS BACK - Miniature Pendant, Nature Jewelry


This pendant is designed to be worn every day, like a talisman. It is unobtrusive, yet attracts attention. It's also waterproof, so you need never take it off. It's kind of the opposite of a "statement" necklace - more of a quiet suggestion. 

"I love this piece! I haven't taken it off since I received it. The perfect size for every day wear. It never fails to attract comments and compliments."
-V. Palmier

"I am absolutely delighted with it - I have worn it every day. It's beautifully made and much admired."
-C.D. Tregelles

"I purchased this necklace for my sister for her Birthday...she was delighted."
-Shirley Jarusek

The image is slightly transparent so the silver shines through it to create a gorgeous luminous, almost three dimensional effect. The bezel is cast, so the silver behind the image has a slightly undulating quality, making each one a little different.

SIZE: The silver bezel measures 12mm (approx 1/2-inch).

CHAIN: The pendant comes with an rolo style link chain, as photographed. Choose from 16 or 18-inch lengths in the drop-down menu. 
Chain Tips: 16-in length is good for petite people, or those who like a shorter, almost choker length chain. Otherwise, the 18-inch chain is more of a "locket" length as seen on the photo of the model in the photo gallery.

For more information, see About My Jewelry.

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