A SECRET GARDEN - Six Charm Necklace, Nature Jewelry


Looking for a very special gift? A gift for someone who just lights up in the presence of flowers and ferns. Someone who needs their own Secret Garden ...

Do you need something rather glorious with which to treat yourself? Great for everyday and special occasions.

This shimmering, richly coloured charm necklaces symbolizes the secret garden we all wish we could live in.

This necklace holds a delicate array of six sparkling "charms". Some of those charms are my own images, delicately transferred to silver, and filled with resin to create iridescent floral miniatures — fern and dramatic queen of the night tulip.

A fern green Swarvoski crystals and tiny silver key, ball and dragonfly complete the miniature garden.

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SIZE: The necklace can be adjusted to 16-in, 18-in or 20-in wearing length.

The necklace will ship beautifully gift wrapped.

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