WINGS - One of a Kind Encaustic Panel


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This one-of-a-kind piece is made from wood, plaster and an image transfer of my own photograph. The panel is finished with encaustic and acrylic paints and signed and dated on the back.

SIZE: 3 x 4 inches by 1.5-in deep

HOW TO HANG: The panel is equipped with a metal ring for hanging on the back.

Encaustic is an ancient painting technique which uses a combination of beeswax, resin and pigment to create a uniquely warm and translucent finish. The word ‘encaustic’ comes from the Greek word enkaiein, meaning to burn in, referring to the need for heat to work with the medium. The wax paints are kept liquid on a heating element and then a heating tool is used to fuse the wax to the working surface.

Encaustics have a special, glowing appearance. To maintain that lovely finish, there are a few simple things to remember. They should be handled carefully to avoid scratching. The luminous surface can be enhanced by buffing occasionally with a very soft clean cloth. Temperature-wise, the piece is stable up to 150 degrees, so it will be fine in most places in your home, although it would be wise to avoid placing it directly above a heat source.

This panel is ***ONE OF A KIND*** and ready to ship within two days of your order.

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