TINY FORGET-ME-NOT - Miniature Pendant, Nature Jewelry


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The lovely blue forget me not represents true love and enduring memories. This delicate silver pendant is the perfect thing to wear every single day to keep close those you love and to remember happy times. Naturally, it also makes a wonderful gift for someone you hold dear.

"Dainty, dreamy little necklace. Subtle and well crafted. Just what I wanted! Thank you!!"

The image is slightly transparent so the silver shines through it to create a gorgeous luminous, almost three dimensional effect. The bezel is cast, so the silver behind the image has a slightly undulating quality, making each one a little different.

SIZE: The silver bezel measures 12mm (approx 1/2-inch).

CHAIN: The pendant comes with an 18-inch sterling silver link chain, as photographed. 

For more information, see  About My Jewelry .

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