About My Tiles


I make these tiles by hand in my own garden studio in Vancouver, BC. The process to achieve the rich non-fading colour, combined with a feeling of timeless antiquity is a labour intensive and time consuming one that I have developed myself over the past decade. All images used on the tiles are my own original work. 

This video shows me talking about my work and creating tiles in my studio.


The image is transferred by hand (mine) onto a premium quality Italian marble tile. My rather laborious transfer process uses archival non-fading inks and a transfer medium which, when combined with turpentine, melts to become absorbed into the surface of the stone. The image becomes part of the marble and vice versa. Because each tile is natural rock, each will be a little different depending on the tumbled shape and veining of the stone. After the image transfer the tiles are left for the turpentine to evaporate. After a day or so they are carefully sanded, the edges of the images are painstakingly carved away to follow the contours of the tumbled marble. Finally, they are given a heatproof satin finish coating. 

These beautiful and practical tiles are easily tough enough to use as luxurious coasters. The joy of a unique coaster is, apart from its daily usefulness, it can bring little moments of happiness as you see it sitting there, at work or home, reminding you of the person who gave it to you, or the special reason you chose that one for yourself.

The tiles also look great displayed on a wall, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. They can be hung in a variety of arrangements to fill a tiny space in a powder room or to create a statement wall of tiles.


Each four-inch tile comes with cork on the back for immediate coaster use. An optional hanger is included which can be easily attached if you’d like to hang it. The six-inch tiles come with permanent brass hangers attached and little non-marring feet, in case you’d like to use them on the table as trivets.


SIZE: Available in 4-in and 6-in sizes (3/8-in thick).


If the tiles need cleaning, simply wipe with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water or use chemical cleaners. For indoor use.




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