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Cloud Mystery September 12 2017, 0 Comments

The clouds this morning made me really, really happy. I was so happy, that I had to question what it was about them that made me feel so darn chipper. Perhaps is because they made such a spectacular change from skies that have been either blue and cloudless or filled with sepia smoke for the … Continue reading Cloud Mystery

In Praise of Early Mornings December 01 2015, 0 Comments

Insomnia can be a drag. I don’t think I’ve actually had a really solid night’s sleep since my first child was born almost 26 years ago. First of all it’s the usual – feeding, teething, nightmares. Then it becomes a habit to wake up every few hours. After that, the teenage years come to keep … Continue reading In Praise of Early Mornings

Just Another Day March 10 2015, 0 Comments

It started as a normal Monday in East Vancouver. The dawn made it’s spectacular appearance (an hour late due Daylight Savings). Birds began to reappear in the sky, taking their posts for the coming day. Eric and his family arrived at their spot — in my garden, waiting for the first peanut handout of the day. I … Continue reading Just Another Day

Counting Birds in Fog February 15 2015, 0 Comments

Bundled in my stylish plaid dressing gown, I climbed to the top deck of our house first thing this morning to participate in the annual Great Backyard Bird Count. As I surveyed a sea of fog, things did not look promising. I could hear a lot of frantic crow activity, although it was hard to … Continue reading Counting Birds in Fog

Last Dawn of 2014 December 31 2014, 0 Comments

I took some time to appreciate the last dawn of 2014 – and such a dawn it was. After a festive season of heath challenges, it seems even more important that usual to appreciate the small things that are big. Being with family, good friends, health (it’s all relative), moments of quiet loveliness, every dawn, … Continue reading Last Dawn of 2014