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Black and White World January 26 2016, 0 Comments

  I love colour. I really do love colour. But there is something very beautiful in a landscape stripped down to shades of black and white. Stark and simple. Here’s a little photo essay on a lovely world almost devoid of colour.                        

What Did You Wonder Today? November 06 2014, 0 Comments

If you’re anything like me, the list goes along these lines: Why is my computer displaying that “fatal error” message? Where the heck did those extra cell phone charges come from? What should I pick up for tonight’s dinner? How soon, exactly, will the world arrive at hell in a hand basket? These are all very worthy concerns. … Continue reading What Did You Wonder Today?

Blog Hop Around the World September 12 2014, 0 Comments

The Blog Hop project is a world-wide thread in which bloggers talk about their creative processes. As I’m pretty new to the world of blogging, I was honoured (and a wee bit intimidated) to be asked to participate in this blog hop project by Canmore artist and brilliant blogger, Linda Cote. I’ve admired Linda’s work online for … Continue reading Blog Hop Around the World