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Reading the Leaves November 08 2018, 0 Comments

Words are important. But sometimes there seem to be too many of them. Too many we’ve heard, spoken, written and read. This week has begun to feel like one of those times. Whenever I’ve passed through the garden in the last few days — to do a little yard work, or on my way to … Continue reading Reading the Leaves

Ordinary Days April 26 2018, 0 Comments

Some days there are no ravens. Most days really. And there are no spare minutes to go swanning off after bluebirds. There are days that are just endless paper jamming — waiting on hold — stuck in traffic — number crunching — brain numbing — is it over yet? — sorts of days. At these times … Continue reading Ordinary Days

Collecting Hidden Beauty November 02 2017, 0 Comments

Sometimes, on my walks, I like to play a little game. I call it Alleyway to Art Gallery. Something catches my eye —  a piece of rust, moss on a worn fence, a shattered windshield,  even some crumpled paper floating in the gutter. At that moment, in that light, it is astonishing. That’s how the … Continue reading Collecting Hidden Beauty

Re-collection July 08 2016, 0 Comments

Spring is over Still, Memory Offers second chances Of beauty www.junehunter.com

The Colour of Crows March 30 2016, 0 Comments

Crows and ravens are generally (and understandably) described as birds with black plumage. It is their darkness that allows them to grace the sky with such striking calligraphy. Formal sentences composed on wires; more fluid, improvisational characters when taking to the air. But it’s so much more complicated, and beautiful, than that. Crow and raven feathers are … Continue reading The Colour of Crows