Set of Four Crows and Ravens - Magnet Set


I'm often asked how you tell a crow from a raven and this set of magnets is designed to help do that, showing some of the differences in "at a glance" magnet form. 

The crow and raven close-ups show some differences - mainly the impressive "cravat" of throat feathers on the raven. The flying silouettes show the different tail shapes — the fan shape of the crow's and the wedge or diamond shape of the raven's. The somewhat larger beak of the raven is also visible.

Read, see and hear more about the differences between crows and ravens in my blog post - Corvid Clarity.

Each magnet measures 1.5-inches (just under 4 cm) across. Set of four are placed by me into attractive 3.5 x 5-inch packaging with steel disc to keep the set perfectly arranged.

These strong/high quality magnets are made in Vancouver by Six Cent Press, using my images and designs.

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