Crow Characters Banner/Wall Hanging


Have you ever found it hard to decide which of my crow portraits you'd like? With this new wall hanging you can collect twelve of my most popular images all in one spectacular piece.

This collection of some of my most popular crow characters now available, in limited quantities, as a spectacular wall hanging/ banner. 

Measures 38-inches wide x 51.5-inches deep (96 x 130 cm).

These banners are printed in beautiful detail and colour on hardwearing, washable polyester canvas. Each crow image measures about 5-inches square and 12 different pictures repeat throughout the banner.

The top edge of the banner has a narrow channel sewn in to assist with hanging options. You can insert a length of wooden doweling, a narrow curtain rod, or plastic coated picture wire and suspend it that way. In the garden images below, I screwed small eye hooks in to ends of some doweling (5/8-inch diameter) and used those to attach picture wire to hang the banner between the garden posts. But you can use your own imagination. They can also use small binder clips from a stationary store to hang them too (but be careful they don't become rusty.)

Machine wash cold, hang to dry — or dry clean. Do not use bleach. Iron on reverse side on medium heat.

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